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I have used Alexia numerous times for web copy work. She is a phenomenal writer capable of transforming mundane topics with little background into engaging, informative content with her consistent talent, speed and obvious research she puts into every piece. She has been a pleasure to work with and I will continue to do so for as long as she’ll take it. Her rates are beyond acceptable for the quality received, and have yet to put in more than a few short minutes to edit anything to better fit my personal style (which she has graciously worked diligently to mimic to reduce any edit time on my part). I’m always thankful to find such talent and hope to be working with Alexia considerably more in the future.
— Brett Woods, Persuasive Print
Alexia is a pleasure to work with. When she creates copy, she writes in a manner that is neither uptight and stuffy, nor sloppy and informal. She was knowledgeable about the field of editing, and she wrote excellent copy without requiring too much information from me. When looking for a copywriter, you don’t want to pass up Alexia!
— Justine Steckling, JS Editing Services
My company works with Alexia on content creation for our blog. She does a great job of keeping the articles topical and unique. She always delivers high quality content on time and within the specified parameters. I would recommend her for any type of content creation.
— Dave Bender, Project Manager, Sendlane
Alexia is a highly professional journalist, who communicates well and is dedicated to hitting deadlines.
— David Squires Group Editorial Director, SmartWork Media
Alexia is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a talented writer and has exceeded our expectations on every level. The communication is prompt, easy and friendly. I would highly recommend hiring her for your next project!
— Evan F.
David Squires, SmartWork Media

David Squires, SmartWork Media

Alexia is a great writer, a quick responder, and she easy to work with. I highly recommend working with her on your next writing project!
— Josh Elkin, Co-Founder of Inbound River
Working with Alexia has been great, she’s professional, got a great turnaround, and does excellent work. She’s got a wealth of industry knowledge, and is super easy to work with, so I’d definitely recommend!
— Lautel Okhio, Content Marketing Specialist, Salesforce
As the content manager for Red Frog SEO, I rely on great content for organic lead generation. Alexia is my “go-to” writer for a large portion of the monthly content responsibilities; especially the more challenging articles that require research, professionalism, and compliance with detailed instruction. Alexia rocks!
— Mark, Red Frog SEO
Mark Sampson Red Frog SEO.jpg
Alexia is not only a talented writer but she’s a pleasure to work with! Communication, turnaround time, and deliverables are an A+. I highly recommend her services.
— Amy Marshall, Co-Creative Marketing
Alexia is a rare find in the world of content writers. After having worked with her on a number of occasions and needing marketing content for my blog, her optimized approach and quick deadline turnaround are second to none. Really great to work with and I look forward to working with Alexia again in the future.
— Irfan Ahmad, Digital Information World
Alexia is a consummate professional, who has delivered consistently quality work to our company on a regular basis. She’s very good at understanding the types of copywriting we need, and is always willing to spend the time to get the content right.
— Josh Roach, Chief Technology Officer, Boost Academy Inc.
Alexia offers spot-on content in thoughtfully written articles. From the initial prep to the ongoing communication, she is great to work with and delivers great results!
— Kristen Dahlberg, Snaptactix
Thanks SO much for all of your hard work, openness to feedback, patience with our reviews and brilliant writing - you did SUCH a fantastic job with all 3 [projects] and we are absolutely thrilled with the results.
— Kristen Dahlberg, Snaptactix
Alexia is one of the most professional and capable writers I have worked with, and I’ve worked with many! She delivers quality articles on time and is very responsive with communication which makes the process smooth. I highly recommend her services.
— Adam Force, founder of Change Creator
Alexia not only writes well but comes up with concepts and ideas that make our ideas even better. She takes criticism, works well with timelines and handles herself professionally. She comes HIGHLY recommended.
— Alden L., World of Weed
I have had the pleasure of working with Alexia for almost a year now. I have always been so pleased at how quickly she accomplishes the writing jobs I send her, as well as her attention to detail. She welcomes any feedback, and is a true professional in her writing. Her manner is as friendly as it is professional, making her a pleasure to work with. As a writer myself, I am very particular about the work I have sent out for my company. I can recommend Alexia with the highest confidence in her abilities.
— Elaine Wilson, Head Content Writer, Red Frog SEO
Working with Alexia P. Bullard has been a fabulous experience. She is highly professional and the sales copy that she wrote for my new eBook was phenomenal. I will recommend her to anyone that needs a copy writer, and I will definitely be back to her when I need help with my next project.
— Jordan Ring, Fiber Guardian
Alexia is amazing to work with. Provides quality content with fast turn-around. Love working with her.
— Jay, Sendlane
It was a real pleasure to work with Alexia! She delivers fast and quality articles. I highly recommend on working with her!
— Orel Cohen
Daniel Schainen, Impact marketing Specialists

Daniel Schainen, Impact marketing Specialists

Read your Realtor article on Direct Mail Marketing. Solid information and was happy to see it. Many people (real estate agents) think it’s the way of the past, but your data helped shed new light on this topic. Thank you!

I’m in the direct mail business and its refreshing seeing articles such as the one you wrote. Keep up the good work and thorough article writing. I’m a fan!
— Daniel Schainen

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Awesome copywriting — your authoritative tone and specific wording make a persuasive case on the client’s behalf.
— Jeniece, Emphatic
Alexia has an expertise that is amazing. Just give her an idea and she runs with it and is a winner.
— Vicki Olmstead, Stitcher's Treasures
Alexia is an excellent author that is a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and quality of work is second to none and her content is very well received. I’m very happy to have her as a member of the team.
— Mike Johnston, founder of CMS Critic
Alexia accomplished the unexpected, not once, but twice. She took my broken, pathetic, excuse for a resume and transformed it into a beautiful work of art that I am proud to say are my career accomplishments. Her ability to take my basic script and transform it into a Shakespearean worthy playwright is utterly mind blowing!
She is very highly recommended and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Rachel E., Line Cook, Resume + Cover Letter Client
I get calls all day everytime employers see my resume. I’m automatically bumped to the top of the list, and they put everyone else second. Nothing but great comments on my resume from employers looking to hire.
— Jesse S., Glazier, Resume + Cover Letter Client