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Business & Marketing - Web Content 

Client: Pardot
Article: Content Marketing 101: Creating Content That Sells

Content marketing tips || Alexia P. Bullard || Tacoma Freelance Writer
Tacoma freelance business writer for hire
Tacoma Freelance Writer for Hire 

Client: Change Creator Magazine
Article: Must See Trends 2016, Issue 4, pages 51-58
(The Top 3, Must-See Tech Trends of 2016)


Additional ChangeCreator Magazine Articles: 

"3 Major Tech Trends: Stay Ahead of the Competition and Build Engagement", ChangeCreator Magazine, September 2016, Issue 5, p. 62 - 67  

"3 Tech Trends to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Successful Startup", ChangeCreator Magazine, December 2016, Issue 6, p. 64 - 68


Tacoma Freelance business writer for hire
Freelance Business Writer for Hire
Freelance business writer for hire
freelance business writer for hire
Freelance business writer for hire
Tacoma freelance writer for hire


Additional TweakYourBiz Articles: 

Launching Your Freelance Career on a Budget - TweakYourBiz

Tacoma freelance writer

Blogging, Guest Posts - Web Content

Client: Digital Information World
Article: 6 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

freelance business writer for hire
freelance business writer for hire
Tacoma Business Writer || Tacoma Freelance Writer 
Tacoma freelance writer

Print Content

Publication: BCA Insider, Billiard Congress of America
Article: "Effective In-Store Signage That Gets Results" - Print, BCA Insider, p. 10, BCA Expo Issue, July 01, 2016

freelance business writer for hire

Additional BCA Insider Articles: 

"Put a Pin In It: Using Pinterest As A Business Marketing Platform" - Print, BCA Insider, p. 28, New Year Issue, Feb 01, 2016

"The Power of Blogging for Business" - Print, BCA Insider, p. 40, Spring Issue, May 1, 2016

"Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Video Content Right Now" - Print, BCA Insider, p. 38, Holiday Issue, November 1, 2016


Publication: Pets+ Magazine, SmartWork Media 
Article: "Animal Magnetism: A Smart Store Design Can Powerfully Attract Customers", p. 24-5, Jan-Feb 2017

Tacoma Freelance Writer


Publication: REPTILES Magazine
Article: "Reptiles as Therapy Pets", p. 56 - 59, May/June 2017

Tacoma freelance writer

Client: Jordan Ring, Fiber Guardian 
Project: Back cover copywriting - The Action Diet 
(As of 7/12/2016, 250 copies have been sold since 4/10/16)

Cannabis Industry 

** Additional content on Steemit **

Client: Leafbuyer 
Article: Marijuana 101: How to Smoke Weed

How to smoke weed - Tacoma dispensary Marketing