10 Surprising Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Your Veterinary Practice

10 Surprising Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Your Veterinary Practice

With so many people spending hours upon hours online each day, it’s pretty easy to forget there are numerous valuable marketing opportunities out in the real world. You may think it’s hard to promote the website for your veterinary practice from offline, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Just because your website may be digital, doesn’t mean your marketing efforts have to be.

Check out these 10 surprising ways to increase website traffic for your veterinary practice:  

 10 Surprising Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Your Veterinary Practice || Alexia P. Bullard || www.alexiapbullard.com

1: Create Something Tangible

It’s one thing for someone to be handed a business card with your name and URL on it, but those can just be tossed in the trash without a second thought. Often, they end up stuffed away into a wallet and totally forgotten about.

That is why you need to promote your website with items that are less likely to just be tossed away:

-          Invest in branded t-shirts with veterinary clinic’s logo and name. Wear these out in public, to industry events, to seminars, and to major public events. You can also offer these up as a social media contest prize.

-          Order some branded postcards and send them out as direct mailers. Direct mailing is a highly effective method of marketing a business, something we’ll cover a bit more in-depth in the next section of this post.

-          If your veterinary clinic website has a blog (It really should!), put your most popular posts into one file. Do a bit of editing, a bit of sprucing up, and then re-format them into a small booklet to leave at coffee shops, distribute in pet stores (per manager approval, of course), hand out at events, or mail to those on your print mailing list.

-          Have branded stationary, pens, labels, etc. made up. Hand out at events, whenever someone asks if you happen to have a pen they could borrow, at the reception desk, in the waiting area, or whenever you need to mail something to a patient or another veterinary clinic.

All of these are great ways to get your veterinary clinic in front of prospective clients with a tangible object that is hard to ignore. Try all of them out, rather than just limiting yourself to one or two.

2: Use Direct Mailing  

There’s more to direct mailing than just sending out some postcards, some letters, and some glossy brochures. Instead, it’s your chance to really sell your veterinary clinic through a creative means that makes it hard for your prospective clients to ignore.

Direct mailers give you a chance to introduce your clinic to a new batch of clients, and give them a better idea of who you are, what your team is like, and why your practice’s services would benefit both them and their pet.

However, you want to be careful to not give everything away all at once. You want to give them a reason to visit your website.

-          Include a very specific call-to-action. If you want your prospect to do something, you need to lay it out for them. For example, if you want them to visit your website (as opposed to just your Facebook page), include a call-to-action like, “Visit us at www.awesomemadeupwebsiteaddresshere.com to learn more!”

-          Get creative!
Want to show your clients how green your practice can be? Print your mailer on recycled paper.

Is it the rainy season? Have a waterproof mailer.

When February rolls around, design a mailer to look like a tooth in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month.

The options are endless, and all of them will help your mailer stand out among the rest of the mail in your client’s mailbox.

-          Work with a reputable printing company and/or graphic designer to ensure everything is designed to attract your client’s attention. Even the envelope should be designed to stand out and compel them to open it.

3: Attend Local Events

Stop by your local Chamber of Commerce website to get a list of upcoming meetups, fundraisers, seminars, and other events pertaining to your industry. This is a great way to network with other veterinary professionals, or at least those within the pet industry (retailers, groomers, suppliers, etc.), and will help you build valuable business relationships.

Have some business cards ready to hand out, and make sure your website URL is included on the card. After you have spent time speaking to people – especially if you actively participate in the event – they will be more likely to check out your website and see what makes your veterinary clinic stand out from the competition.

4: Promote on Shopping Carts

 promote your website on shopping carts

Purchasing advertising space on shopping carts is a highly effective way of ensuring your logo, the name of your veterinary clinic, and URL for your website reach a large audience. Studies report that the average person goes to the grocery store more than twice each week. That’s a lot of visibility!

Shopping cart advertising campaigns can be done by geographic region, such as by zip code, the city, the state, or even the entire country. The advertising companies will help you target your message to attract the demographic that most often visits that store. Considering the fact an estimated 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned within the U.S., you are bound to get your advertisement in front of a vast number of pet owners.

5: Do Something Different 

Street artists, such as the famous Julian Beever, are often commissioned by companies to promote their brand by drawing their product or logo on the ground, walls, or sides of buildings. Pictures of the art done by artists like Beever often get shared on various social media sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, and often make the homepage of major sites, like Digg. Hire artists like Beever to create an unforgettable work of art with your website URL in it, and a significant spike in website traffic is practically guaranteed.

There is also the option of simply projecting your website URL onto the side of a building. Renting out a big projector is often far more affordable than hiring a professional artist, and you don’t have to worry about the art being damaged. Companies like Arcstream will project the URL of your veterinary clinic’s website onto any building you want, in addition to projecting it onto a giant water vapor wall. This is sure to grab attention, and will likely result in several people sharing pictures of it via social media.

Remember when the media first caught wind of Dr. Evan Antin, the 30-something exotic animal vet from Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital over in California?  Well, he shared photos of his adventures helping animals around the world. Combine that with his undeniable enthusiasm, high charisma, and background as a model and personal trainer, it didn’t take long for him to be all over the internet. With such high visibility and popularity, his veterinary practice got a lot of media exposure. It put his veterinary clinic in front of a whole new audience, which undoubtedly helped bring in a lot of new clients.

Getting the word out there in a creative, unpredictable way is an excellent method for boosting the traffic of your veterinary clinic website.

6: Use Effective Signage

Effective signage doesn’t have to just be limited to pet stores. You can turn your clinic into a promotional opportunity without coming across as pushy or akin to a door-to-door salesman selling snake oil.

Use banners, hanging signs, window displays, and quality handouts to promote your business’ website. Give your clients some valuable incentive for visiting your website, such as exclusive discounts and tips for those who sign up for your mailing list or follow your clinic on social media.

QR codes are another great way to bring more people to visit your website. You can include QR codes on anything from business cards to in-clinic signage. QR codes make it easy for your clients to quickly check out your website, or follow your social media page, without having to do an online search. Not only does this ad a convenience factor that clients appreciate, but it also increases social media engagement. Visual promotion is also a highly effective way to drive traffic to your site, so being able to share high-quality images and video content through the simple design of a QR code is one method of promotion that shouldn’t be overlooked.

7: Teach Others

Volunteer your industry expertise by teaching a class (such as pet CPR) or seminar at a local community center, library, university, or other location. Have the venue print the web address of your veterinary clinic on their handouts, flyers, etc. when they are promoting the class. Bring along business cards, brochures, freebies (t-shirts, pens, etc.) to hand out to everyone who attends.

8: Vehicle Marketing

 promote website with vehicle marketing

Using a vehicle is the ultimate business visibility tool you have at your disposal. You can promote your veterinary clinic with vehicle wraps, decals, magnets, window stickers, toppers, and more. Vehicles are one of the most cost-effective promotional solutions out there, since it’s a mobile canvas you already own. It gives you the opportunity and ability to put your URL and clinic in front of a new (and huge) audience every single day.

9: Door Hangers

You’ve undoubtedly seen these hangers before. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the service or product being promoted, that business still got your attention. It’s pretty impossible to miss something hanging off of your front door!

Print up door hangers and distribute them throughout neighborhoods that have large populations of your target demographic. This is especially effective during February, the warmer months, or when your clinic is offering a special on certain routine treatments.

10: Employ Your Voicemail

Using your voicemail to promote your website is simple, quick, and extremely cost-effective. There are also a couple of different ways to go about it: Outgoing messages and messages you leave for others.

-          Change your outgoing message to include a call-to-action that will drive people to your website. After giving the usual information - such as your name, phone number, and hours of operation - add in your URL. Ex: “For additional information, visit us on the web at [URL].”

-          When leaving a voicemail for someone else, include your URL with your contact information. Ex: “You can reach me at [URL] or call me directly at [phone number].”

This is especially effective when networking with other veterinarians or pet industry professionals, as they are the most likely to seek out additional information about someone they may be working with in the future.

Final Thoughts


While digital marketing is certainly valuable, especially in this technology-centric age, traditional methods of promotion aren’t methods that should be ignored. Use the creative foundation of offline marketing to get your veterinary clinic in front of an extensive audience you may have otherwise not been able to reach.

Are you having a tough time increasing the website traffic of your veterinary practice? It’s time to go through this list and amp up your marketing efforts! 

Are you having a tough time increasing the website traffic of your veterinary practice? It’s time to go through this list and amp up your marketing efforts! 

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