Strain Review: BinxBuds Elephant

BinxBuds Elephant: Flower


BinxBuds Elephant from World of Weed in Tacoma, WA 

BinxBuds Elephant from World of Weed in Tacoma, WA 


Elephant is one of those old school strains with a lineage that goes way back. It earned its name from thanks to the elephant-sized colas it creates during the flowering cycle. These colas are the plant’s terminal bud, or the bud site where the female flowers bloom.


BinxBuds Elephant has tight, dense buds that are a dark forest-green in color, with dark amber trichomes clearly visible throughout. Crack it open, and you’ll notice a sweet, fruity aroma that smells a lot like mangoes and other tropical fruit. It tastes just as sweet as it smells, with flavorful smoke that is reminiscent of a mix of candy and citrus, with some subtle earthy spiciness that stays on your tongue.


Effects of BinxBuds Elephant


This sativa-dominant hybrid (Thai x Big Bud) is a 20.5% THC and 0.3% CBD flower that perks you right up and gives you energy to start your day.


Take a hit of this, and you’ll notice an immediate cerebral high that’s as strong as the flower’s aroma. Perfect for socializing and getting those creative juices flowing, this one makes you social and ready to create something. It enhances physical activity as much as a cup of coffee would, minus the jitters and achy tummy.


Where to buy BinxBuds Elephant


Tacoma Dispensary Marketing 


I purchased this one from my favorite dispensary - World of Weed - for just $20 for 3.5 g.


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