Quick Guide: Digital Marketing Ideas For Dispensaries

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There is a wide scope for cannabis businesses in the U.S., due to the rising demand following the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. According to Culture Cheat Sheet, 14.31% of the Seattle population smokes pot.


The average cannabis consumer in Washington spends approximately $645 on marijuana and marijuana products per year. However, even though that’s the average, the largest group of consumers -- almost a quarter of all consumers -- spends roughly $1,000 - $2,500 per year.


The average age for the marijuana users in Seattle is around 37.6 years old. The average age for female users is about 38.2, while men come in at around 37.4. People between the ages of 65 and 95 years old contribute to less than 5% of recreational cannabis buyers.


Just opening the doors to your dispensary and waiting for customers to come in isn’t going to cut it when it comes to the growth of your business.


Instead, you need to focus on grabbing the attention of your target customers, drawing them to your cannabis business, and then turning them into loyal customers.


However, you can only get to that point by implementing clever marketing strategies. Through these, your cannabis business will be able to grow at a much faster rate.


Although there is formidable competition in the cannabis market, the demand is also increasing rapidly. You need to market your cannabis products and dispensary in a clever way that helps you stand out from the competition.


Discover Something New: Marketing Your Cannabis Business

Quick Guide: Digital Marketing Ideas for Dispensaries Booklexia Content Marketing

Focus On Your Current Customers First


If you’re just now implementing these nine tactics into your cannabis business marketing, don’t stress about attracting large numbers of customers. Instead, focus on engagement with the customers you already have.


The customers who enter your dispensary are valued customers, and they deserve your priority attention. Be authentic and honest with them. Talk to them comfortably and personably, and ask them how you can help.


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For example, send out emails to customers who came in, thanking them for buying from your dispensary. You can also offer a small discount to your most loyal customers.


Utilizing tactics like these will help your dispensary grow its customer base and increase customer retention as it encourages customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries - Focus on Your Existing Customers

Work On Building Consumer-Brand Trust



The majority of your business efforts should go toward turning your dispensary into a trustworthy brand. Without its branding, a dispensary will find itself struggling to make growth.


When individuals start to routinely perceive certain dispensaries as brands, the individuals will become loyal customers.


For example, as adults across the country learn about the ways alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, how much better cannabis is, and all of its benefits, they feel more and more that marijuana should be nationally legal. In fact, roughly 53% of U.S. adults feel marijuana should be legal.


All global cannabis-related businesses are excellent examples of great brands as well, including stoner apparel and accessories. These are all things that have earned the trust of targeted leads, resulting in those leads converting into loyal customers - - many of whom provide word-of-mouth advertising for your dispensary.

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries || Building a Trustworthy Brand Image ||

Your cannabis business can become a successful brand, and not just a business. A big part of that is to have engaging and memorable content on your website, making sure it’s aligned with how you want your brand to be seen.


Your content must be unique and interesting enough to grab people’s attention quickly → And then stay in the forefront of those consumer’s memories.


Remember, you want this content to be shared across multiple digital marketing channels., so make sure your content stands out from the rest of the digital noise.


“Fire Up” Marijuana Sales With Cannabis Marketing Tips


As the owner of a marijuana dispensary, it can be infuriating and stressful as hell when you come to a drop in sales. Following these simple marketing strategies will help you and your dispensary team to work on increasing sales for your dispensary.


Cohesive branding, engaging content, and strong teamwork = "Fired Up" digital marketing

Cohesive branding, engaging content, and strong teamwork = "Fired Up" digital marketing


Dispensary Customer Appreciation


Customers are more likely to return if they’ve had a great experience shopping in your pot shop. So, show your customers how much you appreciate them by luring them in and then giving them a top-notch, memorable experience.

You can do that in multiple ways, but some great options include:

  1. Offering exclusive discounts
  2. Start and maintain a customer loyalty program
  3. Hold fun events (such as Vendor Days) in your store
  4. Carry the more popular marijuana strains and products
  5. Have an inventory that caters to all of your target demographics and buyer personas

TIP: September 22nd is the first day of Autumn. Host an event with raffles and prizes to bring in new customers.

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and incorporate them into your dispensary marketing ideas.

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and incorporate them into your dispensary marketing ideas.


Dispensaries & Social Media


Last year in 2017, 81% of the U.S. had a social media profile, which means there was a 5% spike from the previous year. Furthermore, the number of global social media users reached 1.96 billion people, and is expected to grow to around 2.5 billion by the end of this year, 2018.


It sounds like a ridiculously high number but, be-”leaf” it or not, social media is actually one of the best outreach tactics for bringing in potential customers → And it’s FREE!


Check out these tips to help you drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and earn sales from both current and new social media followers:

  1. Share → Gain more followers by posting, Snapping, or Tweeting interesting content that is relevant to the needs and interests of your customers and followers. Those who like your profiles will see your posts on their main Newsfeed, and will start to specifically look for your dispensary’s content.

  2. New Followers → New customers are probably not going to stop by your store UNLESS their friends do. A lot of marijuana marketing involves social proof and word-of-mouth advertising tactics.

  3. Create Unique Content → Your dispensary is going to want to post high-quality content more often and consistently (at least once or twice per week). Create content that encourages dialogue, engages your audience, and highlights your cannabis industry authority.

  4. Promote → Promote your dispensary by offering discounts and other buyer incentives for the customers who retweet, share, like, or otherwise recommend your content.

TIP: Create social media ads, incorporating specific SEO keywords and other criteria that will attract, engage, and persuade your customers to take action. Primarily, to send them from social media to your website, and finally to your dispensary.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Tacoma Dispensaries || Booklexia Content Marketing ||

Marijuana Dispensary Blog


Grow your brand by creating a blog that shares industry updates, new product descriptions, and overall “edutainment” content. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your dispensary website and increase sales.

  1. Search engines love new content just as much as people do, which makes blogging one of the best SEO tools a dispensary owner has at their disposal.
  2. Keep your dispensary customers updated on what’s going on with your dispensary and the industry as a whole
  3. Blogs allow your dispensary to build consumer-brand trust and rapport with your customers. Not only does it give your dispensary a chance to flex your cannabis industry expertise, but you’re also building your brand awareness and credibility.
  4. Allow comments on your blog posts, and engage your audience by replying to each comment you get.
Digital Marketing Ideas for Dispensaries ||

Marijuana Dispensary SEO


Don’t let your SEO start to fail, because keeping your Tacoma dispensary website updated with fresh content will help increase your search engine rankings and dispensary brand awareness.


SEO is essential to your dispensary website because customers will be able to look you up in a few seconds in a search engine before making a purchase decision.


Here are some dispensary SEO tips you’re going to want to keep at the READY:


  1. Your dispensary website should have at least 400 words per page.

  2. Create descriptive articles on pages like About Us, Menu, Vendors, Customer Testimonials, and Blog.

  3. Incorporate keywords, SEO search terms, and backlinksAll of which are important in improving and growing your search engine rankings.

TIP: Encourage your vendors to link to their product content on your website, just as you do for them. This helps both of you with your SEO rankings.

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries || Maintain Dispensary Branding Across Website ||

Use Social Media


One of the best ways of updating your customers about your newest marijuana products, special offers, and exciting discounts is social media. If your dispensary is hosting an event, such as a Vendor Day, your team can announce it on social media. It’s also a cost-effective way to spread the word about your dispensary.


Create and regularly share content on your various social media platforms for your dispensary. You could use social media to highlight new deals and discounts in prices and sales, new products you just got in, upcoming vendor days and holidays (like 4/20), and cannabis-related information.


Finally, you should also share attractive images and videos of your dispensary and the latest in-store specials in your social pages. However, your social media page is going to need to have an attractive combination of written copy and visual elements like images and videos.


Digital Marketing Ideas for Dispensaries || Booklexia Content Marketing

Send Out Emails To Customers


Customers trust a brand that sends them a personalized email with birthday greetings, invitations to special store events, and a bit of thanks for buying from your dispensary.


Emails like this go a long way in reaffirming a customer’s faith in a specific Tacoma dispensary. This low-cost form of marketing is usually referred to as email marketing.


Take these points into consideration:

  1. Collect the emails of your website visitors and social media followers, using a variety of email marketing tactics.
  2. Send your Tacoma dispensary special offers, discounts, and deals.
  3. Make sure your email marketing stands out to your target audience and is capable of drawing in your customer’s attention to your dispensary.
Digital Marketing for Tacoma Dispensaries

“Win Over” Customers With Gifts


Consumers love getting free things. Why? Because everyone loves gifts.


Here’s what you do:

  1. Order promotional merchandise, like water bottles, grinders, lighters, keychains, hats, and shirts. Price them S U P E R cheap.
  2. Order those in bulk, with your dispensary logo prominently displayed on them. Your cannabis business logo will remind your customers of your business each and every time they use the item This is what makes this such an effective traditional marketing strategy.
  3. Sell as much of the merchandise as you can per day, for the  lowest price your dispensary can afford.
  4. Distribute these gifts anywhere you can, such as at music festivals, craft fairs, and any other event that is sure to have plenty of stoners.  
Tacoma Dispensary Marketing ; Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries


Improve Your Dispensary Storefront


Anyone walking, driving, or otherwise passing the front of your sore is a potential customer.


But, you need to grab their attention → and hold that interest for a continued amount of time. For this reason, you’re going to want to make sure your dispensary is decorated and manicured to your expectations and needs.

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries --> Having  strong, cohesive branding  helps your Tacoma dispensary customers recognize and point out your brand, think about your shop, go in to check you out and buy a couple of products, and ultimately refer others and keep coming back.

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries --> Having strong, cohesive branding helps your Tacoma dispensary customers recognize and point out your brand, think about your shop, go in to check you out and buy a couple of products, and ultimately refer others and keep coming back.


By doing so, your dispensary has a far greater chance of making a good first impression. Your store will pique the curiosity and interest of those passing by. These pedestrians may come back to buy marijuana from you, though it isn’t likely to be right away.


In the meantime, work on cultivating an impression of your dispensary that matches the brand positioning you’re striving for.


Make sure that you:

  1. Stay focused and pay attention to signage and visual merchandising, like displays.
  2. Step back and look at your store signage from an objective point of view. How appealing is your design? Does your signage grab attention? Does your store facilitate comfortable, but steady lines of customers?
  3. In-store signage matters more than you may think, both on the inside and outside of your store. If your dispensary is looks shady on the outside, and shady or boring on the inside, it’s going to be hard to keep your customers coming back.
Digital Marketing Washington Dispensaries

Hold Store Events

One of the most surefire ways of building consumer-brand trust and customer rapport is to host events in your dispensary. People love social events, especially those held by their local Tacoma dispensaries.

These type events provide people with a type of experience they can’t find online which can be pretty tough to do these days.


Try following these steps:


  1. Generate event and dispensary awareness through social media and in-store flyers and banners.

  2. When organizing a dispensary event, make sure the natural flow of the shop is preserved. Or improved!

  3. Decorate your Tacoma dispensary especially for this upcoming event.

  4. You could also hold a BBQ in the parking lot, raffles and games outside as well, and Vendor Days inside  the dispensary.

  5. Be sure to hand out a business card, small flyer, and brochure to everyone attending your events. This marketing collateral will prove essential whenever they need to find the best Tacoma dispensary to buy from.

Tacoma Dispensary Marketing --> <-- Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries

Distribute Flyers or Brochures In-Store


Flyers are brief, one-leaf advertisements that make it easy to highlight enticing offers, new products, and announcements of  upcoming events.


You could print your must-have deals of low prices and new marijuana products on the glossy, thin sheet of paper. This is a highly cost-effective marketing collateral that people will keep around (and hang up) if it is eye-catching enough. It will continue to advertise for you.


Make sure your Tacoma dispensary flyer is aesthetically pleasing. Include a larger image of your spruced-up pot shop storefront on the top of the flyer.

Why should someone buy from your Tacoma dispensary, as opposed to a different one?


Describe these reasons in short, bulleted lists that make it easier for readers to scan quickly.

Digital Marketing Tips for Tacoma Dispensaries --> Generate brand awareness with flyers

Utilize the Power  of Video Marketing


Implementing proven video marketing tactics is one of the most powerful ways to generate brand awareness for your Tacoma dispensary.


Plus, having an entertaining video in your email marketing content could boost your click-through rate by a staggering 200% - 300%. Furthermore, including video on a landing page can raise conversion rates by 80%!


Pretty dope, right?  


Video marketing is here to stay, and it’s continuing to move up in big, BIG ways. For instance, if customers are an entire 75% MORE likely to purchase specific products after watching your video, then what are YOU doing to ensure you’re converting as many prospective customers into paying customers?


PRO TIP: Sign up for a YouTube account, and then use that platform to post all of your video content. Plus, you get a visual representation of likes (thumbs up/down), views, and fans (subscribers).

Digital Marketing Tips for Dispensaries

Final Thoughts


In order for you to grow your brand and help your Tacoma dispensary business to thrive, you need to focus on your existing customers both customer retention and customer loyalty.


In fact, it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing customers coming back for new purchases. So, you need methods of retaining your customers.


The tips outlined in this article will help you make  your Tacoma dispensary business thrive. But, you can also build up a solid customer base, and send out emails with greetings, thanks, or announcements.


A strong brand image is virtually guaranteed to help your Tacoma dispensary find success.

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