How to Attract New Dispensary Customers With Social Content Strategy

“You HAVE to post X times per day on every single social media platform!”


Sound familiar?


If you’ve looked into content strategy or social media marketing at all, then you’ve likely come across that at least a dozen times.


People have told you that you don’t need to actually MANAGE your social media accounts. Just use a scheduling tool, get some things queued up, and then don’t worry about it.


Well, I’m here to tell you that the dispensary owners who do this are not going to be very successful in the digital marketplace. Here’s why:


The #1 mistake dispensary owners make when it comes to social content strategy is thinking social media is just for promotions.


It’s not.

You know that whole “social” part of “social media”? Well, it’s pretty damn important.



How to Attract New Dispensary Customers With Content Strategy || Alexia P. Bullard, Tacoma Business Writer ||


You want your audience to see you as THE authority on cannabis, sure. But, you also want them to feel like they truly know you.

Consumers connect better with brands they feel they know, a fact that’s especially true in this industry. Most people don’t just base their preference for a certain dispensary on the quality of the product - though that is a huge factor. They also put a lot of weight on the atmosphere, what the team is like, and how the shop makes them feel.


Connecting with your customers on social media helps them get to know you AND your brand, rather than seeing them as totally separate things. Establish a sense of familiarity with your clientele, and you’ll turn them into loyal customers. Not only will they keep coming back, but they’ll also recommend you to their friends.


And word-of-mouth is THE MOST valuable form of advertising there is. Especially when it comes to marijuana enthusiasts.


Instead of thinking like a business owner, you need to think like your customer.


Try This


Think of the last time you were scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed. Heck, maybe it was Snapchat.


What made you stop and take a closer look?


Was it the eye-catching images? Was it the headline? Maybe it was the topic of the post?


Think about what it was that caught your attention.


Got it?


Okay. Now, think of an industry that has absolutely nothing to do with cannabis. Unlike marijuana, this is an industry you pretty much know nothing about.


Imagine you’re scrolling through your feed again. Now, how could that same post be presented in such a way that you would still stop and click on it?


Chances are, you thought of something related to the four E's of content:

  • Entertainment
  • Education/Information
  • Emotional
  • Exciting (Funny, trendy, current, etc. It's shareable.)


It’s all about taking into account what your audience is looking for. Doing the above exercise will put you in that mindset. You want content that fits into those four categories, and so does your audience.


That’s the kind of content you want to be offering to your audience. It needs to be engaging. Compelling. It needs to familiarize them with your brand and make you seem personable and like a true cannabis industry authority.


Dispensaries that just share lackluster content, or post just for the sake of posting, or actually harming their own brand.


If all you’re doing is announcing promotions, or just sharing 3rd party content, you’re not offering value to your audience. You’re not posting anything that grabs attention or makes you stands out from the rest of the thousands of dispensaries out there.


If you don’t offer them value, they don’t have a reason to keep following you. Which means you lose out on a possible customer.



Put the “Social” in “Social Media”


Tacoma Business Writer


Audience engagement doesn’t happen if there isn’t a conversational element to what they’re reading.


This is why just scheduling a post and forgetting all about it doesn’t work well. At all.


Social media should be about communication and customer service, just as much as it is about marketing and promotion. Your content should pique your audience’s interest and compel them to take action. This could be clicking through and reading your post. It could be leaving comments and sharing their opinions. It could be asking questions.


And, when you do get these engagements, it’s important to act right away. I mean, would YOU want to be ignored? Probably not.


Neither do your followers.


If you don’t respond, people lose interest. You lose followers. Your page looks dead. Responding and engaging with your audience on social media is a big part of that customer service aspect I was talking about.


If you want your audience to stick around - and turn into customers - you need to give them a reason to keep coming back.


If they're busy engaging with your posts, they're spending less time engaging with those of your competitors. If you offer everything your audience needs and wants, they have no reason to go somewhere else.


They'll keep following you. They'll get to know your brand. 


And they'll become customers. 


Need help creating an effective social content strategy? Send me an email, and we can chat.



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