9 Full-Proof Tips for Dispensary Social Media Marketing


Running a dispensary takes a lot of time and energy. You’re busy. Like, super busy.

You’ve got products to sell, inventory to manage, promotions to rock, and lots of work that needs to be done every single day.

Which is why it’s so easy for things to get put on the back-burner. Even vital things like social media.

Unfortunately, this is a biggie.

You see, social media is one of the top ways to connect with your current customers, create brand loyalty, boost your website traffic, reach new audiences, and provide top-notch customer service.

But, with everything you have going on as a dispensary owner, it can sometimes feel like social media is the least of your worries.

After all, you’ve got a business to run.

But, the truth is, social media is a vital part of business that shouldn’t be ignored.

In fact, a recent survey from Manta proves 51% of small business owners rely on social media more than any other marketing tactic to grow their business and win new customers.

As if that isn’t enough, 78% of consumers state social media posts highly influence their purchasing decisions.

Basically: Your dispensary NEEDS an effective social media strategy.

However, lots of dispensary owners feel they don’t really have much to talk about.


“What do I even say?”


“What else is there to say other than what’s on sale?”


“Does it really even  matter?”



These are actual questions I’ve heard from dispensary owners.

And they’re all good questions!

You definitely don’t want to flood your followers’ feeds with boring content or just tons of sales-y stuff that makes your store seem overly promotional.

You want your social media posts to position your brand as a valuable resource for your target audience. You want your updates to be helpful, engaging, authentic, relevant, and shareable.

If you’re having a hard time with dispensary social media marketing, give these share-worthy post ideas a try.


9 Things to Post About on Social Media 


Alexia P. Bullard || Tacoma Business Writer || 


1: Things that make you smile  

It doesn’t matter how big your dispensary is, people want to know what gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Posting about things you love helps you come across as authentic and human. It shows your audience you are more than just some faceless brand that just wants to sell cannabis.


Tacoma business writer


What is it that makes you smile? Whether it’s a stunning view, a particularly tasty salad, something funny one of your employees said, or a picture of your cute puppy - If they make you smile, they’ll probably make your followers smile, too!


2: Things that make your life easier.

You know what people really love? Finding ways to save time and effort. They love things that make their life easier.

So, what are you currently raving about that makes your day a bit better? A new grinder? New cannabis storage jars? An ergonomic vape pen?


Tacoma business writer


What are some things that help you save time, effort, or money? What keeps your dispensary up-to-date with the latest industry trends and consumer needs?  Share it with your fans!

3: Things you’re proud of

While you don’t want to overdo it with this, sharing your excitement over something that happened with your dispensary will get your fans excited as well.


Tacoma business writer


Are YOU excited about your dispensary’s birthday?  Perhaps you’re working with a big vendor. Maybe you just got a great customer testimonial, which are great for social proof.

Whatever the case, share your accomplishments with your followers. It shows your customers how great your dispensary is, and that you’re excited about how great it is.

4: Third-party content

It’s great to share your own content, but you also want to include some by other people. If you come across an amazing cannabis article, some interesting industry news, or some great new products - SHARE IT!

Tacoma business writer


5: Something that makes you laugh

Everyone needs a good laugh - especially people smoking some good bud.

Sharing humorous posts breaks up your followers’ feed, gives them something to chuckle over, and reminds customers you’re human. Just like them.

Humorous things - something that isn’t offensive or makes fun of others, of course - is definitely something worth sharing on social media, and tends to be shared quite a bit.

Do a quick search for a funny video, picture, or GIF. Check out this great example:



6: Blog posts

First things first - Your dispensary website REALLY needs a blog. It positions your shop as industry authority, increases engagement, boosts site traffic, and expands your audience.

Each time your blog has a new post, share it with your followers!


7: Talk to your followers

Ask questions. Tell them about something interesting that happened to you, your employees, or within your store.

Get to know your followers, and they will care more about your brand.


8: Let them peek behind the curtain

Share what goes on behind the scenes, and your followers will feel like they’re part of the team - which they are!

After all, there wouldn’t be any business without your customers.


9: Team appreciation

Giving your employees a shout-out makes it possible for followers to put a face to the name. It reminds them there’s a person behind that keyboard.

It shows you truly care about your team, which means you care about your customers as well.


Tacoma business writer


What are your favorite things to post about on social media?

Let me know what works best for your dispensary in the comments below!