6 Key Benefits of Blogging for Business

Why Your Cannabis Business Needs a Blog

Over half (51%) of businesses owners consider content management to be “very important”, or even “absolutely critical”, to setting up a cohesive customer journey. Learn the key benefits of adding a blog to your cannabis business website.

Your business needs a blog. Here’s why.

Your business needs a blog. Here’s why.


The customer journey (sales funnel) needs to be a natural progression for each customer, from first point of contact to purchase, and on to retention. However, creating that customer experience first requires careful planning and strategic management of your blog, along with high-quality, premium content.

That’s what attracts your readers, engages them, and compels them to take action.

In fact, 85% of consumers turn to the Internet to find local businesses.

Think about it:

Your bong broke, and you don’t want to wait to get one. So, what do you do?

You turn to trusty ol’ Google, do a quick search, and then scan through the results for a shop close by. Probably didn’t even go past the first five listings, never mind the first page.

The vast majority (90%) of consumers also read online reviews before visiting a business.

Having a strong online presence through website content, blog content, social media content, and third-party reviews / photos / content is becoming increasingly more important for both small businesses and large companies.

For small and local cannabis businesses in particular, having a regularly updated blog is crucial for attracting and engaging a loyal audience, and for growing your brand and social following over time.

Blogging is an affordable way for cannabis businesses to drive traffic to their websites, boost their inbound marketing efforts, attract more customers, and ultimately get more sales.

Not only - but also, nearly 80% of companies that use blogging as the foundation for their business marketing strategy gain customers as a result of their blog content.

Furthermore, 82% of companies state blogging is critical to their business.

If you’re not entirely sure why you’re cannabis business needs a blog here are 6 key benefits of blogging for business:

6 Key Benefits of Blogging for Business | Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing

6 Benefits of Blogging for Business

1. Showcase Products and Vendors

With an increasing number of consumers looking for their products online, having a blog that showcases your products is critical.

Doing so creates three different opportunities for sales:

  • People will find your products online through your blog content, and then order them instantly from your online menu.

  • People will find your products online and then visit your store to purchase something.

  • People will find your products online, then read the other content on your website. They’ll come into your store after reading about a product you compelled them to buy, along with other information your business has to offer. This makes you stand out among the other businesses that offer similar products, which matters to this comparison shopper.

In illustration, a CBD company that operates as a small e-commerce business doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront for their products. The business owner relies on their website to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Each week, the CBD company publishes two blog posts, one of which is focused on a specific product or products. There is close attention to detail when it comes to the descriptions, ensuring it is both informative and persuasive. It needs to tell the reader about the product, but also show them the value of it and why they need to buy it.

When it comes to CBD hemp flower, for example, each description includes the appearance, aroma and flavors, effects, and background / grow information.

These posts are promoted across various social media accounts, with links back to the blog post. Not only does this attract new visitors and highlight different products, but it also drives traffic to the CBD company’s website.

Where they will see other products they like or need. And they’ll see all the rest of the content, full of information that directly pertains to their needs and interests.

Think about this:

Over half (51%) of the purchases made in June of 2016 were made online.

If a consumer looks at your products online, they have options: They’ll head to that shopping cart and order (if it’s a shippable item), they’ll make a visit to your store, or they’ll check out your other posts and plan for a visit later.

Either way, your content made your cannabis business stand out. Now, the next time they need something you sell, it will be your business at the forefront of their mind.

2. Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic going to your website via unpaid (organic) search engine results.

You know how a whole bunch of pages show up when you type something into Google? All of those results are ranked the way they are because of SEO. Those pages are ranked for certain keywords or key phrases related to, or matching, what you searched for.

The primary search engines love fresh, relevant, quality content, and blogging is the BEST way to create and deliver this.

When a business consistently publishes quality blog posts, that business is constantly giving the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) new content to index.

The more content your site publishes that contains specific, targeted keywords / phrases, the higher your content will rank for them.

The higher your sites rank, the more customers will find your website when they search for the type of products or services your cannabis business offers.

3. Foster and Nourish Customer-Brand Relationships

Customer engagement is a HUGELY important aspect of marketing your cannabis business.

Blogging gives your business numerous opportunities to connect with both existing customers and target customers in a conversational, helpful way that builds trust and positions your brand as a valuable resource.

With an active comment section and through social shares, you’ll be able to follow and track responses and reactions to your content. You can also respond directly to comments and messages, something that is absolutely huge when building consumer-brand trust.

People tend to buy from brands they know and are familiar with. Blogging establishes that familiarity and the trust that drives sales and customer retention.

They know that, no matter what they need -- information, products, recommendations, etc. - - your cannabis business is the one to go to.

Blogging is the focus of the most effective dispensary marketing strategies.

Blogging is the focus of the most effective dispensary marketing strategies.


4. Position Your Brand as an Industry Authority

Regardless of how big or small your cannabis business is, blogging is one of the most effective ways for your brand to establish trust and industry authority.

By continuously publishing content that your target audience finds to not only be engaging, but to also provide expert information that directly pertains to their needs and interests. This shows your potential customers the knowledge and experience you’ve gained by running a business in the cannabis industry.

Publishing and distributing blog content that is helpful, educational, and engaging on a regular basis will make your brand stand out as the “go-to” cannabis business for your particular niche within the cannabis industry.

Which, subsequently, leads to: More inquiries about your business and products, and higher conversion rates as readers become paying customers.

5. Raise Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a salient aspect of marketing and blogging will give your cannabis business a chance to show brand personality and connect with on a personal level.

Your content gives you a way to convey your cannabis business’ brand message, as well as engage with your existing and potential target customers in a way that just isn’t possible through outbound marketing tactics and strategies.

Blogging gives your business a sense of personality, shows your audience there is a human behind the brand.

You’re not only reaching more people with more content, but you’re engaging targeted readers - - those who are the most likely to become paying customers.

And all of that comes down to raising awareness of your brand, and showcasing your brand personality.

6. Generate Traffic With Shareability

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is the opportunity it creates for others to put your cannabis business in front of a new audience, to be seen by new people.

High quality, engaging content gets shared. It impacts the reader in some way, and they share that link to your blog post with their friends or their social followers.

Then, THAT audience gets introduced to your content, your products, and your brand.

And it continues.

Ending in sales and customer retention.

So, give them something to talk about!

Why does your business need a blog? Here are 6 reasons!

Why does your business need a blog? Here are 6 reasons!


Your Business Needs a Blog

If you want to drive traffic to your website, grow your brand, get more sales, and build your industry authority, then you definitely want to make blogging the center of your cannabis marketing strategy.

When it comes to cannabis businesses, blogging is essentially a MUST. If you don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to create and manage a blog for your business, you can outsource to a content marketer, who can create targeted, relevant, and engaging content specifically for your business and customers.

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