5 Key Social Media Topics for Dispensaries

With technology being so prevalent in today’s society, you can’t afford to neglect your dispensary’s social media profiles.


If you don’t already have them, you REALLY need to get on board!


Many smaller dispensaries incorrectly assume social media isn’t all that important for their sales, but they couldn’t be any more wrong.


In this post, I’m going cover five important topics your dispensary can post about each week that will attract, engage, and compel your readers to take action . . . like come into the store!


5 Key Social Media Topics for Dispensaries || Alexia P. Bullard ||


1. New product write-ups

One thing most dispensary websites have is a product menu. They list all their products and prices, usually broken up by category.


But, just seeing a name doesn’t tell them what it tastes like, what the buds smell like, how strong that tincture is, or what the effects of those edibles are. Considering the fact consumers make the majority of their purchasing decisions based off a retailer’s website, this is nothing to scoff at.


One way to encourage your readers to purchase your products is to include detailed write-ups of each product in your inventory.


For example, a customer may have tried a parent strain, but hasn’t had any of the hybrids that came from it. By offering a full product description that covers user comments, THC levels, flavor profiles, aromas, physical description, and the effects, they won’t really have any idea if they would like it.


Make sure your website is content is effective and persuasive, and you are more likely to turn those website visitors into customers.  


2. New changes to laws, policies, and statutes


As a dispensary owner, you should know better than anyone how critical it is to stay updated on all the new and changing laws, policies, and statutes that affect cannabis users both locally and across the country.

Now, I’m not saying you should hurry and post a new update each time a law changes. Unless the current content you already have is outdated or inaccurate, you can keep your customers and prospective customers abreast of the changing policies through social media.


3. How-to articles

What’s the difference between wax and shatter? What should new cannabis users do the first time they smoke? Take advantage of both short-form and long-form article topics that can position your store as a resource they can count on.


4. Flex your expertise

Do you ever come across a news story of a dispensary seriously screwing up? Do you ever read a bunch of bad reviews about certain places.


Do you find yourself thinking, “WelL, GEE! I can do better than that.”


Call on your cannabis industry expertise to highlight how certain issues can be avoided, or what you would do differently. Provide actual examples of times when you handled similar issues, emphasizing how relevant you and your band are.


5. What customers can expect from you

People go online for a local dispensary, and they find themselves looking at a sea of options. They may be unsure of where to go, who has the best prices, and who has the freshest product. Use this chance to post on social media or on your website about what makes your shop unique. Show them what they can expect to find when they walk into your store.  




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