26 Blog Post Ideas for Dispensaries. The Last One Blew Me Away.

26 Blog Post Ideas For Dispensaries | Booklexia Content Marketing 

26 Blog Post Ideas for Dispensaries. The Last One Blew Me Away.


Customers buy from brands they trust, which means they have to trust you.


And one of the most effective methods for establishing trust between your brand and potential customers is through dispensary content blogging.


Blogging allows your dispensary to share what makes it so great, its expertise, customer testimonials, and vendor features. It also gives insight into your brand’s process, answer frequently asked questions, highlight certain products, and more.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues for dispensary owners is figuring out what in the hell they’re supposed to write about, and how to create high-quality dispensary blog posts.


Does that sound like you?


If it does, don’t fret. I’ve got you covered.


26 Blog Post Ideas for Dispensaries | Booklexia Content Marketing

01 | Share a customer story


Has a customer been ecstatic after purchasing product from your dispensary? Highlight them in a blog post and give them a chance to share their story. Prospective customers need to build consumer-brand trust with your dispensary before they buy weed from you. So, that’s where those real-life customer stories come in handy, providing the proof you need to prove your products deliver on their promises.


02 | Share a sneak peek of a new vendor or product


Do you have a new vendor about to hit your shelves? Pique your customers’ interest and build anticipation by sharing a glimpse of the new products or new vendor. Try: Include close-up photos of the products, information about  the vendor or product (such as a brief marijuana strain review), or even testimonials of what the new product is like.



03 | Do a “meet the team” post with fun budtender profiles


Have your budtenders fill out a fun, little questionnaire that has both “getting to know you” AND random / funny questions. Share their answers in a blog post, along with a photo. When website visitors are able to put a face to the names behind the products, your dispensary will feel and appear to be more personable and friendly.

And THAT is an environment that’s conducive to selling some pot!


04 | Give a behind-the-scenes look at vendors you carry

Who are your big vendors for the month? People love learning about the cannabis brands they’re smoking, especially if the strains and vendors are unfamiliar to them. By featuring different vendors, you will not only educate potential customers on the brands that fill your shelves, but you will also share information that may also validate your prices.

Check out how World of Weed (#1 Pot Shop in WA) does their vendor posts: 


05 | Or, share a full series on your different vendors

There’s often more to your vendors than simply creating marijuana products. How do they package their products? What are the top products for those vendors? Covering these topics in a dispensary blog post will inform your audience, establish consumer-brand trust, and can also be linked on your MENU page.



06 | Round up inspiration on how your marijuana products can be used (or have been used)

Create a hashtag for your vendor posts, so customers can use them when they use your products in their post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then, round up those customer posts and share them on your blog. In addition to highlighting your customers, you’ll also be able to build consumer-brand trust with potential customers once they see how many other people bought and loved the marijuana products your dispensary sells.  



07 | Share the story of how your dispensary got started

What made you want to start a dispensary in the first place? Share your startup story. Blog posts like those allow potential customers to connect with you on a deeper level, understanding the motivation behind your dispensary. Ultimately, you want your readers to feel more motivated to come into your dispensary and buy some of the great products they’ve heard and read about.



08 | Answer your most frequently asked questions

Are there any specific questions you seem to always be answering for your customers, social media followers, website visitors, and other people? Those often make the best blog posts. Writing an answer with 1,200+ words forces you to answer it in-depth. This gives you the opportunity to drive people to the blog post each time the question comes up. Or, alternatively, go one step further and beat them to the punch by linking the blog post to your FAQ page.


09 | Create and distribute a free resource

What cannabis-related freebie can you create to generate interest in your products?

For example, if your dispensary sells glass pieces, you could design an essential bongs and pipes guide that includes some of the products in your store. Once you’ve created the free resource, create a blog post (or series of blog posts) that center around that topic. Then, add an opt-in for your freebie a few times in the post to capture their email address in exchange for the downloadable cannabis freebie.


These types of posts are not only effective for building your email list and encouraging to potential customers, but blog posts with freebies included are often shared on social media because most consumers love free things.


Additionally, you could step things up by setting up a sequence in your email marketing automation platform that acts as a main component of the sales funnel.


10 | Try something new, then share in a blog post

Did you make a rose blunt? How does smoking out of a banana sound? Find something trending, interesting, or entertaining that you’ve never done before.

Then. . . Go do it!

Take pictures  as you go, and share the whole story with your audience.

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11 | Share a “through the years” post on how your dispensary has evolved


Have you been doing business in the cannabis industry for awhile? If so, you’ve probably made some changes and updates to your store throughout the years. Consumers love seeing the progression and transformation of brands, so roundup high-quality photos of your dispensary from over the years and share them in a blog post.


12 | Share a comparison of your product versus a similar product


There is a wide range of marijuana products for consumers to choose from. Do a post comparing your product and others in the industry. Create a side-by-side comparison with one of your competitors, and then highlight the differences.

Create an infographic comparing two products, using these value points as a basis

Create an infographic comparing two products, using these value points as a basis


13 | Share a hilarious story

If you’ve been in business for even a few months, you undoubtedly have a few hilarious stories to share with your customers (and you know people love a good story).  Compile a roundup post that shares your funniest customer questions, write about an inventory mishap, or share another humorous story that’s happened in your Tacoma dispensary. These are the relatable type of stories that show a human side to your brand, which makes customers begin to connect with your dispensary brand on a more personal, familiar level.


14 | Roundup businesses with ‘sister products’

Think about it: What products are out there that complement your own dispensary’s inventory?


Round them all up and compile them into a blog post. If you have a Tacoma pot shop that sells grinders, for example, you could roundup joint and blunt wraps, branded lighters, and a rolling tray with coordinating prints and styles to show how your product can be paired with the ‘sister products’ to create a convenient  ‘Smoke Two Joints Kit’.


You could go an informative route that also highlights your products. For example, you could publish a blog post on some of the best marijuana and coffee pairings for a Wake and Bake blog post.


You could also do a bundle post that highlight a specific vendor’s products. For example: World of Weed, a dispensary listed as the #1 pot shop in the entire state. They recently published a roundup post that centers around the Blue Roots Cannabis brand and their latest products. All of them complement one another, but are still compelling on their own.


Bundled product posts are especially popular around holidays and the start of new seasons.


15 | Create a ‘best of’ post on complementary products

What type of products are you trying to push right now? Think about other products that are complementary and round them up together in a ‘best of’ blog post. For instance, you could create a post on “11 Bachelorette Gifts for Stoners,” and include your products, glass pieces, etc..

26 Blog Post Ideas for Dispensaries | Booklexia Content Marketing

16 | Bust some common cannabis industry myths

Think of some of the biggest misconceptions people have about cannabis and marijuana use, in general. Educate your audience by writing a blog post that busts those myths wide open. Make sure to include links to valid and peer-reviewed studies and articles to add credibility to your blog post and make your statements even more convincing.


17 | Write a tutorial on a relevant topic


Knowing how to best use your products is important to your customers, even if it may seem obvious to you. So, share a blog post about “How to smoke weed for beginners”, or even “best uses for CBD.”


You could also write a blog post on how to clean your bongs and pipes. Perhaps even a post on how to properly store your weed. Get creative with it! You could even go the entertainment route by creating a blog post on how not to use your product.  


18 | Educate with interesting facts


People love learning new things almost as much as they love sharing them with others. Interesting facts about different marijuana strains not only educate potential dispensary customers, but they also help them remember your dispensary when they need to freshen up their stash - - - and remember your products. Blog posts like this are also some of the most likely to be shared, especially if your facts are really interesting and unexpected or surprising.


19 | Share “Budtender” favorites

Which of your marijuana products are most popular among your staff? Create a roundup blog post and place a brief testimonial for each one, along with a buy button that links to the product’s listing in your dispensary menu.


20 | A cheat sheet related your dispensary

Think about your dispensary website blog. What information would your audience love to read in the form of a cheat sheet or a handy, quick-reference guide? Think of creating something they can use when making purchasing decisions, and can bookmark for later reference.  For example: Cheat Sheet: Indica vs. Sativa



21 | Create cornerstone content

Essentially, you want to create branded core resources for your dispensary customers and audience. This is what is known as ‘cornerstone content’ because it’s a critical part of having an effective, overarching content strategy for your dispensary blog.


Neil Patel published several 40,000+ word guides that provide useful information to his audience, and  that continue to generate website visitors and backlinks.


You can do the same, creating content for your dispensary customers and website visitors. Ideas include: An ultimate guide on extracts, edibles, or flower ; An A-Z guidebook on all the marijuana strains you sell ; A handbook on CBD, including a buyer guide.


22 | Create a “top ten” list


Make a list of things that would be relevant to your audience, preferably one that would make for an effective product promotion.


Examples of this includes:

  1. ‘The Top Ten Sativas for Stoners With High Tolerance’

  2. ‘The Top Ten Bongs for New Stoners’

  3. ‘The Top Ten Best Munchies for Stoners With a Sweet Tooth’

List blog posts are some of the most popular types of content, being easy to skim and read, containing relevant information they care about, and providing interesting information that directly applies to them.


23 | Interview someone related to cannabis


Now, if you posted an interview blog post with someone like Snoop Dogg or Seth Rogan, then you’d probably end up with a couple million hits.

Unfortunately, that’s not always a possibility.

So, think of someone else who would give entertaining, insightful comments about cannabis and the cannabis culture. This could be a cannabis user, a cannabis vendor you carry, someone who changed how they initially felt about cannabis, someone from law enforcement, etc.

Everyone has a story to tell, and all you need to do is ask them about it. So find someone of interest to the cannabis industry, interview them, and share their stories with your dispensary customers and audience.




24 | Create new stoner-approved recipes

When those munchies hit, do you suddenly turn into a creative chef, whirling around and adding all sorts of things? Write about it!


Some delicious stoner recipes include:

  1. Reese’s Cereal + Ice Cream Sandwich

  2. Cereal bars

  3. Milky Way Hot Mess

They don’t need to be fancy. They just need to be delicious.

And feed the munchies.



25 | Cannabis Producer Tours


Do you partner with any vendors who host tours of their production / grow?

Get permission about what you can and cannot include, but take notes and photos (as permitted) along the tour, keeping in mind things your audience would like. Compile your notes and images into a fun blog post that gives your customers and website visitors a glimpse behind the proverbial curtain of their favorite vendors.

For instance, World of Weed did a blog post on their tour of THSea. It was definitely well-received!


26 | Highlight causes your dispensary supports

Does your dispensary partner with any non-profits? Feature them on your dispensary blog. You could share their organization’s origin story, interview someone from their staff, or even share some stories from the people they have helped. These types of blog posts can drastically raise awareness about the mission of the organizations you support, which often helps potential customers find your dispensary brand to be more relatable.



Now It’s Your Turn . . .


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market  your dispensary. In fact, blogging is the #1 content marketing tactic (65%) of marketers, according to a LinkedIn survey.


Maintaining a blog for your dispensary website gives you the opportunity to organically feature and mention your dispensary’s products and vendors. However, don’t become so obsessed with promoting your business that you neglect to help your audience.   


Blogging is all about building that consumer-brand trust and credibility with your audience. That’s what leads to sales. If you can show your readers they have something to gain, they will keep coming back.


However, your readers aren’t going to come back if they’re constantly being blatantly sold to in post after post, after post.


‘Cause that shit gets old.


My favorite guideline is the 80 / 20 rule of content marketing.


80% of the time, your dispensary blog posts should be focused on offering a solution to a problem and are chalk full of hacks, tips, tricks, and strategies to help your dispensary blog readers with their biggest problems.


20% of the time, your dispensary can organically mention a product in your store or  store events, when it’s appropriate.


It does require finding balance, but it’s a strategy that works!



Does anything about these ‘blog post ideas for dispensaries’ stand out to you? What do you have the hardest time with, when it comes to creating your blog posts?

Let me know down in the comments + connect with me on Twitter!