15 Simple Content Marketing Tactics That Will Bring You More Traffic

These 15 content marketing tactics will bring you more traffic on your cannabis website, which means a boost to your conversions.

15 Content Marketing Tactics That’ll Skyrocket Your Website Traffic



Distributing information about your cannabis business in a way that is directly relevant and interesting to your website visitors and social media followers is the very foundation of content marketing.


The whole point is to build consumer-brand relationships by fostering trust in your cannabis business brand, growing your industry authority, and positioning your cannabis brand as a trusted, “go-to expert” resource your target audience can always count on.


There are all sorts of  ways to use content marketing to get more website traffic and boost conversions.


In other words, regardless of if you’re doing digital or print marketing, the methods you choose for content distribution will largely depend on your target audience (what channels they prefer), your cannabis business budget (what resources do you have available?), and your objective (what type of results are you looking for?).


Important Tactics You Must Use In Your Content Strategy for More Website Traffic


15 Simple Content Marketing Tactics That Will Bring You More Traffic | Booklexia Content Marketing

Content Creation


01. Consistency Is Essential For Content Marketing


In order  to stand out online, your cannabis business should be publishing only its very best material, while keeping your branding message consistent. It’s also important to remember quality means far more than quantity. It’s better to publish one mind-blowingly amazing blog post each week than it is to publish five crappy posts per week.


Additionally, it’s not enough to just set your content standards super high. Your cannabis business should also ensure it is constantly meeting and/or exceeding that quality bar you’ve set. This can be a challenge, and creating highly effective content repeatedly does take time, effort, money, and other resources. For example, businesses with blogs that publish 16+ quality posts per month receive 3.5x the traffic of business blogs that only publish 0-4 posts per month. The good news is, your return on investment makes it all worth it.


For more advice on how to stand out among the competitor cannabis businesses, check out this post on 36 of the best ways to market your cannabis business online for FREE , with tips on how to use your content marketing for more traffic and conversions.


02. Develop a Brand Voice for Your Content Marketing


One of the most effective ways, hands-down, to develop and build your brand’s voice is content marketing.


However, it’s worth noting that even those huge cannabis businesses with tons of money still need dedicated content marketing teams. They also still struggle to identify, define, and maintain their brand’s voice.


Cannabis content marketing tactics for more website traffic

Ensuring your brand’s voice is consistent throughout every part of your content, from your website to your social media updates. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.


But, while creating and maintaining your brand voice through your content can be a serious challenge, it’s definitely something that is worth implementing.


For each piece of content you’re about to publish, ask yourself how the content develops and builds your brand voice.   


By taking the time to examine your content, you will provide your target audience -- including current customers -- with a cohesive brand experience, something which makes your cannabis business seem more trustworthy and valuable. They’ll be more likely to check out your dispensary or cannabis brand over your competition.


03. Position Your Brand as a Resource With Content Marketing


. . . by answering in-depth questions with your comprehensive content. 

Just a bit above, we talked about the importance of targeting specific keywords within your cannabis business’ content. If your brand is already doing this, then you probably know how to rank for whatever number of simple keywords terms that work for your audience and your business. 

While that’s great (because it totally is), going after higher rankings for more complex search engine queries will boost your website traffic and help grow your conversions.

Include these 04 essential dispensary content types in your content marketing strategy to drive website traffic and conversions.

Include these 04 essential dispensary content types in your content marketing strategy to drive website traffic and conversions.


Before you even start creating your content, you need to make sure your dispensary marketing goals are documented. If you don’t have any clear goals, it’s hard to determine and objectives, milestones, and what the hell you should be doing in general. 

When it comes to content marketing tactics, a lot of dispensary owners get all starry-eyed at the thought of increasing dispensary website traffic, getting more social shares, building up their mailing list, and selling more products. 

The thing is, it’s not the quantity that matters. You could have 1,000 email list subscribers, but only the targeted subscribers who read all of your content and keep up with your brand are the subscribers that will make a difference in your numbers.

Instead of creating content that’s focused on how much money it will bring in, focus on creating content your audience wants to read.

Rather than asking how to get all the dispensary website traffic you possibly can, just rushing in, focus on creating content that yields the lowest traffic numbers, shares, and email list subscribers. But, that content should still help you achieve your goals, such as increased leads and revenue.


Before your content marketer, your team, or even you, sit down to write any type of content, it’s important to have a fully mapped out dispensary content plan.


A dispensary content marketing plan is more than just the topic you plan to write about. It should also include:


→ Content: What does your audience search for? What do they want to read? Why should they read your dispensary content vs. someone else’s content? What do you have to offer that is interesting and different?


→ Dispensary Content Marketer or Influencer: Make a list of your dispensary content marketer(s) that will be working on this article. Get quotes from them, mention them, or just add them to the list of sources that are going to promote your content when it’s ready.


**This does depend on the contract(s) you have with your dispensary content marketing people or influencers**


→ Social Media Content: Take note of which social media platforms your cannabis business customers use the most. You want to go where your target audience, because otherwise you’re just wasting your time and resources.


Map out where your target audience hangs out, and engage with them as you share your content. Engaging beforehand will give you a chance to see what information your audience is responding to and searching for.


What Should Cannabis Businesses Post on Social Media?

Here are 45 genius social media post ideas  for the cannabis industry, designed to help you increase website traffic and conversions.


Creating engaging content is only 20% of successful dispensary content marketing. The other 80% is content promotion. Just sharing your article 1 or 3 times on Twitter and Facebook isn’t going to do much.


Instead, create a list of all the social media platforms, websites, and communities your target audience frequents.


That’s where you want to promote your content.


And, one of the best tools at your disposal is the headline of your content. Which brings us to the next section . . .


Dispensary Content Headlines



A successful headline can make all the difference between getting an impression and getting an actual click. That’s why it’s critical for you to create your headlines with a strategy in mind.


After all, your headline is the very first impression you make on the potential reader who comes across your link on, say, social media. On average, only 8 out of 10 people read your headline, and only 2 out of 10 people will keep reading beyond that headline.


Writing stronger, more specific headlines is one of the best ways to build up your cannabis business audience and grow your brand.


Check it out.


01. The More Specific, the More Effective


All of your headlines should be directed toward your target audience. They need to give them a reason to click through and read your content.


State a specific benefit, or you can tell your target readers exactly what they’re going read - - both of which are proven content marketing tactics for more website traffic.


Examples of specific headlines include:


Check out this headline from  a World of Weed blog post . This tells readers these tips make it very easy to make your weed high even better. Specific & compelling.

Check out this headline from a World of Weed blog post. This tells readers these tips make it very easy to make your weed high even better. Specific & compelling.

“Super Easy Ways to Intensify Your Marijuana High”

“8 Best Places in Washington to Enjoy Cannabis This Spring”   is as inviting as it is specific. It tells you exactly what to expect in the blog post, as well as what the value of the content is. 

“8 Best Places in Washington to Enjoy Cannabis This Spring” is as inviting as it is specific. It tells you exactly what to expect in the blog post, as well as what the value of the content is. 


“8 Best Places in Washington to Enjoy Cannabis This Spring”

This headline promises to be the best guide possible on the subject of  CBD for pets with seizures . This headline is specific, shows expertise, and shows clear value.

This headline promises to be the best guide possible on the subject of CBD for pets with seizures. This headline is specific, shows expertise, and shows clear value.

"The Ultimate Guide: CBD for Pets With Seizures"


All of these headline examples are specific, targeted, and include keywords that  would help your content rank higher in search engine results.


02. Use Strong Action Verbs, Adjectives


It’s time to think back to your English classes, and come up with some better ways to state your topic.


For example:


“10 Common Marijuana Strains” is relatively okay, but it’s nowhere nearly as eye-catching as “10 Dank Strains Stoners Can’t Resist.”


“Having a Stoner Bachelorette Party” is helpful, but it’s not as great as “How to Throw a Mind-Blowing Stoner Bachelorette Party Nobody Will Ever Forget.”


Take a look at the headlines you have for your own content. Where could you add stronger adjectives and action verbs?


Making headlines irresistible is one of those content marketing tactics for website traffic that just can’t be ignored.


If you’re not sure what to do with a particular headline, substitute any version of the verb ‘to be’ for an action verb. (Action verbs denote physically doing something - i.e. fly, grow, melt, run, walk, jump, try, reach, etc.)


15 Content Marketing Tips for More Website Traffic - Booklexia Content Marketing

03. Write Specifically FOR Your Readers


Speaking directly to your reader with words like “you” and “yours” create a sense of personal value. It makes it feel like your brand is speaking to them directly, which can help better position your brand AND build more of the consumer-brand trust that sells products.


04. Turn Your Content Into a List


You can do this with the easiest of all content marketing tactics for more website, guaranteed.


Just add a number.


That’s right. By adding a number to your headlines, turning your content into a list post, you would be increasing the likelihood of getting more click-throughs.


And it’s all because most website readers out there prefer numbered posts - - which means they bring in more  website traffic.



26 Blog Post Ideas For Dispensaries

Not sure what to write for your blog content? Check out this list of 26 proven blog post ideas that will help drive traffic to your website.


05. Content & Headline Should Match


One of the worst things you can do with your content is create what’s not-so-affectionately referred to as ‘clickbait.’ This means creating a kickass headline that has little or nothing to do with the content of the post or article.

If you’re looking for content marketing tactics for more website traffic, creating content that doesn’t deliver on the headline promises isn’t the way to go. It’s like trying to sell a house with the promise of “quiet neighbors”, when it turns out the “neighbor” residence is actually a cemetary.

That doesn’t quite meet the clients’ realistic expectations, does it? Your content works in just the same way.


Content Conversion Tactics



You’ve created a strong, engaging headline. You’ve planned out your content, and you’ve learned how to position your brand as a resource.


Now, it’s time to use some proven content conversion techniques that are guaranteed to bring in more website traffic. Use these in your copy, on your website (especially landing pages), and in your content distribution as a way of bringing in more targeted website traffic that generates leads.  




01. Grab Attention With Valuable Info


By revealing the most important information first, you will be able to keep your reader engaged with your website.


Start your content off on a strong foot, and write for the average Internet user’s attention span (just a few seconds).


Blow their mind with your main point, and then support that claim with other information within the rest of your content’s body.


02. Keep Readers Engaged


Alright, you’ve got past the first hurdle - You’ve got your reader’s attention. Now, you have to use great copywriting to keep that reader interested.


One of the most effective means of doing so is by using Grease-Slide Copy to keep your reader engaged with your page.  


Grease-slide copy is the reason why some blogs are just so irresistible to their readers, while others are covered in virtual cobwebs.


That’s where Grease-slide copy comes in.


This highly magnetic copywriting technique keeps your readers interested in your page.


Expert copywriters use grease-slide copy in their sales letters. Top influencer bloggers use it in their blog posts. And, now, it’s your turn to use it in your own content.


For example:

Get Lifted Dispensary SUMMER SALE.

Get all the products you love at up to 30% off. May 17 - 23 only. Discount drops every day.


Okay, so how is that one of the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic?


End a paragraph with a question, and then answer that question on the next line down.



Introduce the next line with a short statement, followed by a colon:


Then, you’re going to continue on a new line.


It works like a charm.


Some of the best grease-slide copy examples include:


  • But wait - there’s more!  

  • It gets better

  • As if that’s not enough

  • We’re not done yet

  • How can it get any better?

  • Yup, you read that right

  • You may be wondering:


These grease-slide phrases create an engaging, yet still smooth, transition between paragraphs and sentences. They create a bridge that makes your copy flow smoothly.


You know, just like a greased slide.


Your readers start at the headline, click through to the content, and then find that they slide on down through your content. It keeps them engaged all the way to the bottom of your blog post.


Content Marketing Tactics for More Website Traffic | Booklexia Content Marketing

But, it gets better:


Grease-slide phrases are great for SEO.


Let’s take a look:


People tend to spend more time reading content they’re interested in, and that offers value.


Now, the longer those people spend reading your content, the more you’re able to tell if your content is high-quality.


Here’s the kicker:


Search engines scan and measure content in much the same way as  a human would. The difference is, search engine bots that are crawling your content utilize the length of time readers spend on a particular page as a quality ranking indicator.


So, what does that mean?


Basically, it means:


The more engaging your content is, the longer people will be looking at your website. The longer people spend on your website, the higher your quality ranking is. The higher your content’s quality is, the more it boosts your search engine rankings.


03. Include Strong Calls-to-Action


A call-to-action (CTA) does exactly what it sounds like:


It compels your readers to take a specific action.


When it comes to the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic, your call-to-action is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.


The CTA of your content tells your target audience exactly what you want them to do after they’ve finished reading your blog post or clicking through on your PPC advertisement and hit your website or landing pages.

The calls-to-action can be as simple as “JOIN NOW!”


However, the more information you give your website readers, the more your target customer will be interested in your CTA.


The most effective CTAs follow these little tips:


01. Use strong action verbs

A call-to-action needs to be as clear and concise as possible. You don’t have a ton of space in your CTA button or ad to spread your brand message. The character limit is 35 characters per description line, which means you need to carefully choose your words. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do, and add a sense of urgency.


Start your CTA by telling them exactly what you want them to do.

  • Do you sell glass pieces and other cannabis accessories on an e-commerce website? Start your CTA with strong command verbs like: Buy, Shop, Browse, Save, or Order

  • Are you promoting your email newsletter? Start your CTA with words like: Subscribe, Download, or Join

  •  Want someone to learn more about your cannabis business? Start your CTA with phrases like: “Fill out this form for . . .”, or “Discover ways to . . .”, or “Learn how . . .”


Your CTA needs to be compelling enough to make them do what you need. It needs to be exciting, and create a sense of urgency that makes them take action right then and there.


For instance, a CTA that reads something like, “Our latest newsletter is out,” you’re probably not going to get the click-through results you’re looking for. The person reading it is likely to have a difficult time deciphering how or when they can expect to get the newsletter AND what value they get out of it.


A call-to-action that reads more like, “Download Our Dispensary Marketing Newsletter Today!” will be much more direct, shows value (dispensary marketing), and informative (today), which would help improve your click-through rates and other types of conversions.


02. Use Emotion Words


Your CTA should elicit a strong response from your audience, showing their engagement and enthusiasm for your brand. It’s this strong CTA that proves to be one of the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic.


Take a CTA like “Subscribe now and get 20% off any glass piece!”


Not only does this call-to-action offer your target audience massive benefit but, honestly, who would pass up a 20% discount on a nice glass piece?






Take someone trying to plan a shopping trip, for example. For them, a CTA such a “plan your stoner weekend today!” will stir up excitement and get them interested in the idea of having a stoner weekend. Which, of course, makes them way more eager to click on your button, ad, or link within your content.


A strong CTA is one of the smaller content marketing tactics for more website traffic, but it’s also highly effective. Include an exclamation more up ramp up the eagerness. Not only does a good CTA stand out for your target customer, but it also gives your content an extra kick.


04. What Worries Your Target Audience?


One of the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic, guaranteed, is tapping into the things that worry your readers.


Don’t worry, though. I promise, it’s not as sinister as it sounds.


Encourage your readers to take action, such as making them opt-in for your email list, or some other desired action, by focusing on what bothers them.


For instance: Write a blog post about a common problem your target audience has, but just stick to the basics. Instead, get emotional and tuck their heart-strings a bit. Once you’ve got them even more engaged with your content, then you provide the solution your audience was looking for.


05. Add a Live Chatbot to Your Website


By adding chatbots to your website, target customers visiting your site will be able to  speak directly to one of your team members - - the very instant they need a solution or answers.


Once your team member is helping that customer, they then have a great opportunity for leading that target customer to the conversion you’re shooting for. (Such as signing up for your email newsletter.)



06. Take Inspiration From BuzzFeed

It’s weird:


There are a ton of content marketers and business owners that absolutely cannot stand the “clickbait” websites, such as BuzzFeed.


However, those writers are actually pretty fucking clever. I mean, rapidly evolved from 0 to a Top 50 website in the U.S.. Plus, they did it practically overnight.


Besides, how could your customers possibly scroll past headlines these:


Image Source:  BuzzFeed

Image Source: BuzzFeed

These headlines have proven to be the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic. They jump out and grab your readers by the eyeballs.


But, you know, in a nice way.


For example, this post may have grabbed your attention:


Image Source: BuzzFeed

Image Source: BuzzFeed


That headline can be inspirational for your brand. Instead of theirs, let’s try: “Who’s More of a Stoner: You or Everyone Else?”




“This Simple Strategy Will Ensure Your Brand Stands Out The You Competition


These are things you can use in your own dispensary content marketing.


Just browse some of the posts on BuzzFeed and other related clickbait websites. Take note of which headlines grab your attention the most.


And then adapt those headlines to fit your own blog post titles, subtitles, and headings.

Here are some proven headlines for more website traffic:


→  # ____ That Will Change The Way Your Dispensary ____.

→  We tried ____. And Even We Were Shocked About What Happened Next!

→  This [Product] Makes ____ 100x Better

→  Here are all # ____ That ____. Plus, they’re backed by data!

→  Use these # Stoner Hacks For ____. #3 Will Blow Your Mind

→  Once You Discover [Product], You’ll Never ____ Again


Final Thoughts



You’ve read all about the best content marketing tactics for more website traffic. Now, all you’ve got to do  is utilize them.


The first step to utilizing best content marketing tactics for website traffic is to leave a comment that lets me know which of these “B.S. Free” content marketing tactics you’re planning on implementing first.


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