12 Keys to a Winning Dispensary Content Marketing Strategy

12 tips for creating an effective marijuana dispensary content marketing strategy || Booklexia Content Marketing ||

Creating Customer-Focused Content


Content plays a huge role in both offline and digital marketing, simultaneously attracting and educating your website visitors.


Content provides information, evokes emotion, and influences purchasing decisions. And when that content is created and distributed effectively, it guides your website visitors through your sales funnel until they become paying customers. At that point, it becomes about customer loyalty and retention.


Which makes content a catalyst that transforms the marketing of a dispensary into a machine of profitable growth and brand awareness.


Website Content Influences Purchases


When it comes down to it, content plays such a huge role in dispensary marketing today because roughly 73% of a customer’s research influences their decisions before they even speak to a budtender.


You want that research to include your content, delivered accurately and authentically, in the right format and channel your customers are looking for.


This builds the consumer-brand relationship that drives dispensary sales and customer retention.


By creating, using, and sharing directly relevant content that attracts, engages, and compels readers to take action, your dispensary uses its content to fuel its marketing and sales efforts.


The objective is to lead your customers with what you can help them with, versus leading with what you can sell to them.


Getting qualified visitors to your dispensary website is like striking it rich in the world of online marketing. But, once your visitor gets there, you need to keep them around.


Having relevant, engaging, helpful, and persuasive content is the key to keeping your dispensary website visitors to stick around.


But, how are you even supposed to do that?


Find out with these twelve tips for a winning dispensary website content strategy: 

12 Keys to a Winning Dispensary Content Marketing Strategy || Tacoma Business Writer|| Booklexia Content Marketing

12 Tips for Engaging Dispensary Content



01. Understand the personas


Identifying and understanding dispensary buyer personas supercharges your content, making it as targeted as possible.


Outline the profile for customer: Needs, problems, opportunities, and wants.


Then, alight your content with the persona and stage in the buying process that best fits your target. Keep in mind, though, there are multiple roles in the decision and varying levels of involvement.


It’s also important to remember many consumers buy when there is pain - - so take care to understand your customer buyer persona’s pain points. Show how your unique value position (UVP) will offer them the solution they’re looking for.


02. Match content to customer needs

Using your buyer personas, come up with an editorial calendar of content that matches your customer needs. What are they looking for? What do they want to know? What kind of products do they need?


Focus on creating dispensary content that drives conversions, turning engaged readers into satisfied customers.


03. Always be relevant

Relevance is determined entirely by your target audience, so refer to your buyer personas for reference as you create your content and connect the dots between their needs, their pain points, and your dispensary.


Address and solve their problems, including data to support your claims. Create “evergreen” content will remain up-to-date and relevant.


Finally, be sure your content has enough industry value to be both current and timely.


04. Always back up claims


Make sure your content is credible by backing up your claims with hard facts and figures. Nothing cries “credibility” like third-party sources used in various ways:


Additionally, you’re going to want to take inventory and assess your content carefully. How well does it match up with your target audience’s needs and wants?


Don’t make the common mistake of only focusing on creating new content, either. You can repurpose and update older content into other formats to provide shareable content for all of your personas.


Just remember to remain relevant with buzzwords, trends, and focusing on the things that matter most to your target buyer personas.

How to create a marijuana dispensary content marketing strategy || Tacoma business writer|| Booklexia Content Marketing

05. Make content discoverable + shareable


When you really get down to it, the holy grail of content is going to be established, search engine optimized content, which means you create the content with effective search engine results and easy sharing in mind.


In order to do that, you’re going to need a variety of appropriate keywords for your dispensary, and other elements such as hashtags.


Go easy on the buzzwords and other elements, so they don’t detract from the content. Instead, create the content to directly appeal to the buyer persona for whom you are creating your content.


Once you’ve put those approaches into action, looking for additional ways to supplement your own content by sharing relevant third-party content. Not only does this help you stay connected in your industry, but it also boosts your dispensary website’s discoverability.


06. Create Your Own Research + Be Original Source


If you want to create content that earns higher levels of website traffic and engagements, you’re going to want to focus on two things: (1) strong opinions, values, and viewpoints, and (2) original research.


You can produce your own research via observation, surveys, and aggregation. Looking for unanswered questions, or unaddressed points, and find a way to deliver the information to your target audience.


This will help position your brand as a trusted resource of information and products, which means more customers for your dispensary.


07. Find the missing statistic


Discover what it is that people talk about but rarely in the cannabis industry (backed up by data, of course). The right blog post is out there, just waiting for you to create it.


Find what it is that is missing in your industry, create content that focuses on it, and create it in a way that directly pertains to your target dispensary customer buyer persona.


I’d be willing to bet that it’s the best performing content you have for the entire year (so far).


08. Remember: Less Is more


When they reach your homepage, your visitors want to know right away who you are. They want to know what kind of products your dispensary sells, what kind of vibe you’ve got, how you can help them, and why they should go to you over any of the other Tacoma dispensaries.


Choosing your words carefully and skillfully really matters for this.


You want to evoke emotion with your text and eye-catching images that command attention and persuade your visitors to take action.


That includes purchasing products in your store.


Remember to write powerful headlines, but short sentences. Keep it simple.


Professional dispensary content marketers can help you convey your marketing message in a powerful way, so website visitors immediately know they chose the right dispensary website.


(Which means they don’t choose your competitors.)


09. Include target keywords for SEO


It’s essential to create content for your target audience, but you want to also keep search engines in mind.


Conduct keyword research to see what the top keyword phrases for your target audience would be. What does your target market type into search engines when looking for the kinds of marijuana products and marijuana accessories your dispensary offers?


Incorporate these keywords throughout the elements of your website and your content. Not only will you be creating for humans, but you’ll also be creating for the bots that crawl your website and index your pages.


This will help you rank higher in search engine results, bringing you increased brand awareness, website traffic, and prospective customers.  


10. Build Trust


Consumers want to buy from brands that are professional, reliable, and that are consistently high-quality.


Stoners are the same way.


Follow this little checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the bases:


  • Carefully read through and proofread your content for spelling, grammar, and comprehension issues.
  • Check all the links
  • Add testimonials from happy customers
  • Show how you’ve helped other customers
  • Demonstrate industry authority, leadership, and competitive advantages (Why are YOU more awesome than THEM?)
How to create an effective marijuana dispensary content marketing strategy || Tacoma business writer || booklexia content marketing 

11. Create content that is easy to scan


Fact: 99.999999% (est.) of your website visitors aren’t going to read every. Single. Word. Of your website content.


So, you need to make sure the main points  and highlights of your content can be consumed from a quick skimming down the page.


This means incorporating your branding guidelines for headings that are bolded with a larger font than the rest of the text. It also means using a different font face for text, headings, and captions, so as to help guide your reader’s eyes down the page.  


Use bullet points (but don’t overdo it), call-out boxes, and calls-to-action in your content. Include relevant, high-quality images and graphics that add to the content and draw the eye. Also, make use of white space.


12. Include persuasive calls-to-action (CTAs)


Each page of your dispensary website should be created with a compelling call-to-action you’d want your website visitors to be taking.


In addition to having a link or button at the bottom of each page that guides your reader to the next step you want them to take, try these other tactics:


  • Offer a relevant, FREE giveaway that can capture your website visitor’s information (email + name) to help you build your email list. Strong email content will help build consumer-brand trust between your customers and your dispensary.
  • List your contact information (address + phone number) in a highly visible place to enhance your dispensary brand trust
  • Introduce your customers to new products to try, or for a chance to talk to someone from a favorite brand Highlight a Vendor Day
  • Feature a coupon or special offer to be redeemed in-store
dispensary content marketing

Final Thoughts


If your website content isn’t getting results, using these twelve tips will help you utilize your dispensary website content as a powerful way to connect with your prospective and current customers - - among other brands in the cannabis industry.


Simple adjustments can make a world of difference in regards to results and conversions.


And, if you do have a lot of these tips already implemented, but your dispensary website content still isn’t performing well, it’s time to talk to a cannabis content marketing professional who can do a content analysis and uncover the issues you may not be aware your dispensary website content even had.


Content is the driving force behind the performance of your dispensary website and the purchasing decisions of prospective customers. They’re looking through your content and making decisions before they even talk to one of your budtenders or other sales people.


Make your content count with these twelve keys to a winning dispensary content marketing strategy.


Need some help creating that content?