10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Glass Shops

10 Ideas to

Get New Customers and Increase Sales

for Your Glass Shop

Although print marketing has its place, digital marketing is the key to gaining new customers and keeping your existing customers coming back -- all without the cost of print materials.

These 10 ideas will help you elevate your glass shop’s digital marketing, starting today.

10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Glass Shops | Booklexia Content Marketing, san diego cannabis marketing, california cannabis marketing, glass shop marketing

01. Optimize your glass shop for local searches

One of the most effective, and most affordable (we’re talking totally FREE) digital marketing tactics you can use is to optimize your glass shop for local searches. Your customers and potential customers most likely live within just a 10-15 mile radius of your store, making location is a major purchasing factor.

Most customers don’t want to drive more than 25 miles away to buy a new piece, so it’s important to keep at the top of the search results when a potential customer is looking for a glass shop in your area.

Your glass shop’s website should have the address prominently displayed throughout the entire site, with location-specific terms used within the website copy and content.

Create a Google Business page, to better ensure your store shows up in a local search. When someone looks for “glass shop near me”, your Google Business page will pop up.

Maintain a consistent and accurate business name, address, phone number, and email displayed throughout your digital platforms and on your website sets the foundation for Local SEO success.

02. Promote flash sales to drive foot traffic

Unless you also have products available for purchase on your website, driving foot traffic to your glass shop is still one of the biggest hurdles your business must overcome. This is why a large portion of your digital marketing efforts should be focused on furthering the goal of getting people in the door, so they can buy things.

Fortunately, you’ve got social media -- a powerful, cost-effective digital marketing tool.

Hold flash sales that you promote on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. For example: “Glass pipes are Buy 1 get 1 FREE from 4pm to 5pm TODAY ONLY!”

These short-notice, super limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, and are enticing enough to make people want to share them with their friends --- raising your brand awareness and bringing readers to your message.

The goal is to get them in the door to buy the pipe, but then leave with several other products as well. And then, these customers start following your glass shop closely on social media, not wanting to miss out on another surprise flash sale. Your other content -- photos, blog posts, etc. -- keeps them interested and engaged with your brand.

03. Use Snapchat to promote products and engage your followers

You know the great thing about glass shops? They’re full of beauty. Stunning bongs, vibrantly colored pipes, and interesting glass pieces are literally everywhere you look when visiting a glass shop.

Improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing simply by sharing more of your store with your customers. Use the power of ephemeral content by sharing photos and video of products on Snapchat and caption them with the name of the product, the price, and how many you have in stock. Share it with your followers (My Story) and with others (Our Story).

Chances are, you’ll end up getting questions from followers looking to purchase those featured products, and you’ll get more followers. Either way, you’ll get more sales and people in the door to buy that pretty glass piece you posted.

Pictures are undeniably powerful, and the sense of “don’t miss out” urgency of Snapchat makes this one of the best, most cost-effective digital marketing ideas for glass shops.

04. Hold a cloud competition on Instagram

People love free things and prizes, and stoners are no exception. Consider hosting a cloud competition using pieces bought in your store, with a unique prize to show you appreciate your customers just as much as they appreciate you.

A competition shows you care about how your customers are enjoying your products and is a great way to share your passion for cannabis. Set out some rules and then promote the competition on Instagram or Facebook, and encourage people to share it and tag a friend (or several) as part of their entry.

Think about your target audience and the best way to present and promote the competition. Get their input on the winner (who had the biggest clouds, most tricks, etc.), and then follow up with who won and a tag to their profile.

05. Post to Facebook or Tweet regularly

Social media can be tough on the cannabis industry, which is why so many glass shops either don’t even try, don’t know where to start, or burn out after a few months.

That’s a problem, though.

You see, social media is incredibly important to the success of digital marketing for glass shops. Smoking is considered a hobby and a lifestyle, something people do throughout their day, to relax, and to enjoy themselves.

But, there’s a distraction:

Social media.

People are constantly on their phones, looking things up and scrolling through social media. If your brand isn’t on there, reminding them they should be smoking and collecting new pieces, and that you’re the go-to glass shop to help with that, they’ll forget about you.

Posting regularly keeps you on their radar, and posting to Facebook and Tweet helps to circumvent some of the limitations and restrictions social media sites place on cannabis-related content.


digital marketing ideas for glass shops | Booklexia Content Marketing, San Diego cannabis marketing, california cannabis marketing, glass shop marketing


06. Send regular newsletters with products, tips, and inspiration

Email marketing is a fast, cost-effective digital marketing tool that will help your glass shop succeed. Send out regular email newsletters to your customers and followers that keep them updated on your latest products, blog posts, promotions, and cannabis inspiration that will keep them interested and engaged with your brand.

Take things a step further and offer subscriber-exclusive deals, giving them even more incentive to stay on your list while motivating them to continue reading your newsletters.

07. Invest in a responsive, branded website for your glass shop

A responsive website works across all devices, and is optimized for both PC and mobile. The website adjusts how it displays itself, based on the device on which it’s viewed. 

Having a responsive website for your glass shop is essential. In addition to improving SEO and attracting new customers, having a responsive website also gives your customers a chance to look things up on their phone while away from their laptop or desktop. If they have to pinch and zoom and scroll a million times to navigate your site, they’re going to get frustrated and exit out. 

Which often means they’re going to your competition instead.

Additionally, Google ranks websites based on how “mobile-friendly” they are when a user conducts a search on a mobile device. The better optimized your website is for all devices, the higher your glass shop will appear in search results. 

Which means more people will find your store.

08. Make it easy for customers to share your content 

With social media being so big on the “social” aspect, sharing products, posts, pictures, and other content is essential to growing your glass shop’s brand and filling out your store’s digital marketing strategy.

Your website content - blog posts, pictures, videos, product highlights, etc. - should be easily shareable. And valuable enough for them to want to share it. 

09. Engage with your customers 

Social media has become another channel through with customers are able to connect with, and get to know, the brands they buy from. Which also means the customer service needs to be top notch, and consistent in tone and voice. 

Engage with them in a way that fits your brand positioning -- how your brand is perceived. Respond to comments, give likes, leave comments of your own, reply to questions, etc..

If a follower posts a complaint, respond to it immediately and politely. Then take it into a private message as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Conversely, if a follower provides a shout-out or tags your product, respond with a friendly comment and share the post. Maybe even go a step further and show customer appreciation by providing a discount for the next time they come in. 

Stay on top of your social media and remain engaged with your followers - current customers and potential customers alike. This helps customers get to know your glass shop and your brand. People tend to buy from brands they know and trust -- and staying engaged with your customers builds that consumer-brand trust. 

digital marketing ideas for glass shops | Booklexia Content Marketing, San Diego cannabis marketing, california cannabis marketing, glass shop marketing

10. Build credibility with influencer marketing 

Word-of-mouth advertising the single most effective (and important!) form of marketing. This is why the consumer-brand trust and loyalty that social media influencers build with their audiences are highly valuable assets. 

Assets you can use to your advantage. 

According to a recent survey in an Adweek article, only 7% of those who participated viewed online ads in a positive way. Furthermore, in yet another article, only 4% of consumers said they trusted advertising and marketing in general. 

Pretty crappy numbers, right? 

Well, according to the influencer marketing platform, MuseFind, 92% of customers trust the recommendations they get from strangers (such as influencers), over those they get from advertisements. 

Have influencers promote your products across their social media, tagging your glass shop profile. You’ll reach newer, wider audiences that are already trusting what the person has to say. 


Glass Shop Marketing

Many local glass shops want to take care of their digital marketing in-house, rather than using a marketing professional. The problem there is you’re also having to run a glass shop. Digital marketing tactics take time to strategize, implement, manage, assess, and improve, and more often than not, glass shops let things slide during their peak selling seasons -- which is exactly when you should be ramping up and boosting your digital marketing efforts.

If you decide to continue doing your digital marketing in-house, be sure to strategize, pre-plan, and schedule out posts for at least a month at a time. Do as much digital marketing as you can during the slow times at your glass shop, to bring in customers and end the lull.

If you’re ready to get back to the glass shop and let a professional content marketer in the industry elevate your digital marketing, let’s talk.