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Website Copy

Engaging website copy that highlights the main points of your business and its products. Includes product descriptions, About Us, and other sales-focused website copy.  


Blog Content + Management 

I have three main blogging packages available, each one with its own special features.  Features include: Social media amplification, custom blog title images, and monthly content calendars.

Position your brand as an industry authority, build consumer-brand trust, generate website traffic, boost search engine rankings, and gain new customers. 



Web design affects content marketing

Brand promotion

Personal and business platforms: — Eye-catching social media posts showing your products in action. Branded t-shirts and other merch, cannabis, smoking accessories, etc. 


Social media management 

Branded content —  Content creation for social media platforms, on optimal schedule for target audience. Social media management of desired platforms. 



Targeted Ad Copy — Persuasive copy that shows your products are just far too good to pass up, at mind-blowing prices. Strong copy that compels your targeted audience to give their money to you, and not to the other guys.