The 1 Liquid Lip Color That Lasts Through Multiple Smoke Seshes, Munchies Moments, Makeouts, and Beyond

When it comes to makeup, I’ll be the first to admit that I used to never give a shit. Like, at all.

These days, I’m pretty darn picky. I don’t want to just put on a bunch of random product before I head to a client meeting or work on a video. I want the best my money can buy, and I don’t want to have to fuss with it or stop to reapply it a million times.

Or at all, really.

When I was in college, I was a hardcore advocate of this one random lipstain I found at a swap meet. It lasted forever and was great, and I wore it ALL the time. It was my “signature” lipstick. But, then I was introduced to the epic gloriousness of Senegence’s LipSense long-lasting liquid lip colors, a product that was produced without any animal testing whatsoever and uses vegan ingredients.

I borrowed a red from Leslie Henderson, a Senegence distributor I know, in Blu-Red, a sultry and vibrant red that made me feel like Wonder Woman. All it took was 3 swipes + 1 swipe of the Diamond Kiss Gloss, and BAM - - I was hooked.

Especially after it remained 100% intact throughout a late night smoke sesh - - which lead to me stuffing my face with a ton of candy.

Since then, I’ve added a whole bunch more of Senegence’s LipSense long-lasting lip color to my proverbial makeup bag. What’s especially neat is that three different shades make up seventy-two totally unique colors, so I can mix and match for my different moods, outfits, and whatever aesthetic I’m feeling that day.

My daily go-to shades are: Blackberry, Crimson, Lexie Bear-y, and Rosé All Day, but I tend to dip into the coffee-themed collection that gets me buzzin’ all day.

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In the interest of sharing my Senegence liquid lipstick obsession with the world, I’m here to tell you exactly what’s so freakin’ amazing about it - - and why pretty much every stoner who wears makeup should get on this.

So, without further adieu, allow me to break down each of the reasons why you need to add Senegence LipSense long-lasting lip color to your collection ASAP.


Why Senegence LipSense Long-Lasting Lip Color is Freakin’ Amazing and Every Stoner Who Wears Makeup Needs to Get It


The 1 Liquid Lip Color That Lasts Through Multiple Smoke Seshes, Munchies Moments, Makeouts, and Beyond | Booklexia Content Marketing | cannabis content marketing,  cannabis lifestyle blog

01: The applicator is designed to ensure perfect coverage

Honestly, a liquid lipstick’s applicator is an absolute deal-breaker for me. If I don’t like how it spreads the product onto my lips, I’m tossing the whole lot into the bin. If it’s not efficient, I don’t want it.

Well, the applicator on the Senegence LipSense long-lasting liquid lip color has the PERFECT applicator. It’s what’s called a “doe-foot wand”, and is perfectly angled (and super soft) so that it contours around the shape of your lips and effortlessly glides across. In my opinion, this is the BEST type for those of us without crazy awesome makeup skills who can use flat or pointed options with ease.

02: These lip colors are super pigmented, so you don’t need to use much.

Speaking of perfect coverage here, this liquid lipstick is so highly pigmented that you really only need one coat to get beautiful color. If you want to get the full effect, you go for three. BUT. . .

It’s so light, that it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips. Like, at all. We’ll get to this later, but this totally doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. Three coats feels like zero coats, unlike most other brands that feel heavy, sticky, and oily.

Just swipe on three coats of your color (or 1 coat of 3 different colors) and then top it with one of their glosses. Just refresh the gloss every now and then, and you’re good to go. The color STAYS VIBRANT all day long.

03: It goes on SUUUUPER smooth - - and stays put all day

You know that oddly satisfying feeling of spreading smooth peanut butter over newly toasted, warm bread? It’s smooth, effortless. That’s what it’s like putting on Senegence LipSense long-lasting lip color. It’s AMAZING. It’s hydrating and rejuvenating, so it actually benefits your skin to wear it.

So, while it does dry, just swipe on one coat of the gloss after the color and your lips will never feel dry throughout the day. It also doesn’t flake, get gooey, or rub onto things like your blunts, glass pieces, or coffee cups.

04: None of the Senegence products, including LipSense, are produced using animal testing

One thing I absolutely refuse to budge on is using makeup that has been tested on animals. I will NOT use it.

Senegence never uses animal testing (the test on themselves). They also don’t use animal by-products, instead using alternative sources and naturally reoccurring natural ingredients. All of their products are formulated with FDA-approved ingredients and produced in a ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ -rated facility.

So, that’s pretty awesome. I mean, it IS going right by your mouth!

05: You most definitely get a big bang for your proverbial buck

At $25 per tube, plus $20 for the gloss, it sounds pretty on par with the expensive lipsticks and lip glosses you’ll find. However, three colors can be layered to create 72 TOTALLY UNIQUE colors! It’s nuts.

Also, you only need a little bit AND that LipSense lasts FOREVER. Seriously. I put it on in the morning, and I have to scrub it off at night. It stays put ALL. DAY. LONG. And I’m constantly smoking from the bong, hitting the vape pen, drinking coffee, and all sorts of things that usually result in tell-tale lipstick prints getting left behind.

But, not with LipSense. This really does look fresh all day long. Just swipe a coat of gloss on a couple times throughout the day, and your look will stay put. It’s awesome. It also has a long shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad for a long time.

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The Drawback (yes, just one)

No product is perfect, but this one is pretty damn close. The only issue I have with thes Senegence Lipsense lip colors is that they are DEFINITELY long-lasting. I mean, it’s not really a problem because they’re specifically designed to last for ages.

But, you have to REALLY scrub to get this lipstick off. They have their own special makeup remover that makes the job easier, but the darker colors still require quite a lot of scrubbing.

Then again, it also means you can be sure your lipstick stays put all day. In fact, as an experiment, I slept in my lipstick. While it was a bit messed up, it actually was still intact enough to go out in.

So, that’s both a con AND a pro.

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