Does Drinking Coffee While Smoking Weed Make You Higher?

So. DOES drinking coffee while smoking weed making you higher? Find out.

So. DOES drinking coffee while smoking weed making you higher? Find out.


Coffee and cannabis are the peanut butter and chocolate of the weed world; they go together so perfectly, it’s ridiculous.

But, what is it that makes them such a perfect pairing? Does drinking coffee while smoking marijuana really make you higher?

Interestingly enough,  there seems to be a correlation between cities with top-shelf coffee also demanding top-shelf cannabis like in Seattle or Portland.

Maybe it’s the rain.

But, there actually is a scientific explanation that explains why pairing pot and coffee is so mind-blowingly amazing.

Does drinking coffee while smoking weed make you higher? || Booklexia Content Marketing , cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing, cannabis writer

Coffee + Pot: Perfect Match



This is your brain on caffeine


Caffeine is the world’s number one drug, usually used to jumpstart brain activity and keep you alert.

It’s not that caffeine really gives you energy, but it does block off the receptors in your brain that would normally be receiving adenosine, the chemical compound that makes your brain get relaxed and sleepy.

The chemical makeup of caffeine is so similar to adenosine, that the blocking off of the chemical compound is done seamlessly and effortlessly.

But, the effectiveness of coffee drops by 50% after six hours.  


This is your brain on pot

Cannabis contains 113 known cannabinoids, some of which are naturally produced in the brain.

THC resembles anandamide, which transmits neurons in your brain. After a neuron fires, there is a break in neural transmission so as to not overwhelm the mind, as well as to remain relaxed and controlled thought.

That’s where cannabis comes in.

Cannabis stops those breaks from happening, allowing the smoker to expand their thoughts and imagination.


Squirrel monkey science


During a scientific study of the effects of THC, researchers gave squirrel monkeys specific amounts of THC via a device that allowed them to get high if they pulled a lever.

After animals had been completely aware that pulling the lever made them high (it gave a hit of THC), they began combining the THC with increasing doses of a form  of caffeine called MSX-3.

The study found that, as the dosing of MSX-3 increased, the monkeys pulled the lever fewer times than was previously the norm.

In other words, the addition of caffeine made the monkeys require less THC to achieve the same effect.

Does drinking coffee while smoking weed make you higher?

Effects vary by individual

Everyone has different body chemistry, including reactions to substances - - especially a substance like cannabis. Marijuana has effects that are largely dependent on individual endocannabinoid systems, tolerance levels, amounts of THC, and more.

There is absolutely no way of fully predicting exactly how an individual’s high will be. This is hugely contingent on the environment, company, strains, and overall experience.

So, it’s pretty safe to say the same thing will happen when someone mixes pot and coffee. Some people do feel a difference in their high, though others will not.

Additionally, the tolerance for both substances  (caffeine + THC) also plays a pivotal role in how the combination affects their high.

For instance, a seasoned smoker who isn’t big on coffee and rarely drinks it may notice more enhanced difference when pairing coffee and pot.

However, improving the high is not the only reason people mix coffee with cannabis, though it is the main one.

Aside from improving the high, these best pot and coffee pairings are seriously life-changing.  


Best Pot + Coffee Pairings

Does drinking coffee while smoking weed make you higher? || Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing, cannabis writer

The flavor of the pot is going to be affected by strain, environment, climate, indoor / outdoor, amount of sun received, if any pesticides were used, and even how the pot was cured and packaged.

The taste of coffee is affected by the way it was grown, harvested, washed, roasted, and packaged.

Combining both sets of factors into one perfect combination is what makes for the ultimate stoner duo: Pot and coffee.

When it comes to the main controlled factors for coffee, you’ve got: Caffeinated with light, medium, or dark roast. The lighter the roast is, the more acidic and caffeinated it is. This tends to also be sweeter than medium or dark roast.


Pot + Light Roast Coffee

With light roast coffee, try an indica-dominant strain such as White Skywalker or Champagne Kush.

The Star Wars strain is a powerful blend of diesel, citrus, and pine-wood, which helps counteract the acidity of the coffee. The Champagne Kush will bring out the ambrosial aromas and flavors of  the coffee, making you love that roast even more.


Pot +  Medium Roast Coffee

If you’re going for a medium roast, the bitterness is going to get stronger. To cut that bitterness (it’s super harsh on the stomach, too), I recommend a super sweet option, such as Bubba Kush or Dat Cookie Dough. These are sugary, yet light-earthy flavors that bring out the true flavors of this aggressive coffee roast.


Pot + Dark Roast Coffee

Finally, if dark roast is your thing, you’re going to want a high-quality hybrid and a delicious indica.

Some of the famously sweet marijuana strains would make for the perfect complementary pairing to such a bitter roast. A premium indica, such as those by Blue Roots Cannabis, will add even more flavor to your pot and coffee pairing than the sweet marijuana strains.


Pot + Coffee Times

The loving the flavor of pairing pot and coffee is where most people agree, though the type of high is definitely specific to each person.

You’ll have to be the ultimate judge when it comes to pairing pot and coffee. But, there are a couple guidelines that help.

If you’re going to drink your coffee in the evening, it’s best to pair it with an indica to encourage sleep.

If you’re doing a wake-and-bake, you’re going to want one of the more energizing marijuana strains, one of the marijuana strains for productivity and focus, or a sativa like Super Lemon Haze. You’re going to want a light roast in the morning, so save the medium and darker roasts for later during the day or evening.

Then again, you can always drink decaf at any time of the day.

Remember: Everyone is different. Try out different strains and roasts to see what works with your tolerance and preferences.


The Verdict: Does Drinking Coffee While Smoking Weed Make You Higher?

Coffee and cannabis - - A scientifically perfect match!

Coffee and cannabis - - A scientifically perfect match!


The data in the above section comes from one of the best scientific studies on the correlation between caffeine and marijuana.

According to this data, drinking coffee does not improve your high.

However, coffee can enable you to smoke less while still maintaining a high if the doses of caffeine are increased.

Basically, higher doses of caffeine make us feel good because it can tap into virtually every reward system within the brain.

Hidden within that sweet, sweet elixir of life that is otherwise known as coffee, is a chemical that takes over your brain by mimicking the actions of THC.

So, supplementing your THC high with caffeine will likely make your high last longer.



Final Thoughts

Looks like drinking coffee while smoking weed can result in you reading a botanical book with a full-color drawing of a pineapple.

Looks like drinking coffee while smoking weed can result in you reading a botanical book with a full-color drawing of a pineapple.


Does Drinking Coffee While Smoking Weed Make You Higher?


The wonderful relationship between caffeine and THC, or coffee and weed, is more than just a stoner coincidence (though it is a delicious combination).

While you won’t get higher from mixing coffee with pot, you will be able to enjoy your higher for a longer period of time.

Sounds like a fair trade, to me!

Science has given the evidence that backs up the claim that pot and coffee are truly a perfect match made in neurology heaven!




What’s your favorite pot + coffee pairing? Share it with me in the comments below!