20 Creative Stoner Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day poses unique challenges when it comes to shopping for your sweetie. Regardless of whether your relationship is new, long-term, or somewhere in the middle, the pressure starts to build up.


Traditional gifts are not very personal - everyone gets pretty much the same thing - and that can make it hard to show your other half how much they mean to you.


Thankfully, I’m here to help. Ditch the usual gifts and shop this guide of personalized, romantic gifts for your stoned sweetheart. With 20 stoner Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you’ll be able to find the perfect way to show the one you love just how much you adore them.


Even better, this list of gifts is also perfect for romantic surprises, anniversaries, birthdays, and any other celebration with your partner.


So, read through the list for unique stoner Valentine’s Day gift ideas your sweetie is sure to swoon over.

20 Creative Stoner Valentine's Day Gift Ideas by Alexia P. Bullard | Tacoma Business Writer |

20 Stoner Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas



1. Cannabis - Infused Chocolates


Traditional chocolates are overplayed. If you want to give your stoner sweetie something special this Valentine’s Day, the options you have are virtually endless.


But, these are good places to start:

  • Purchase a regular Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped box of fancy truffles. Take some of them out, and replace them with pot chocolate or large nugs.
  • Surprise your Honey-Bud with homemade cannabis confections to add that special touch.  They’re so decadent, with chocolate as smooth as satin sheets. Here are three savory cannabis chocolate recipes that will leave your partner begging for more.
  • Head to your local dispensary, and pick up several different types of cannabis-infused chocolate. Not only will your partner be thrilled at so many chocolate edibles, but you don’t have to to worry about getting something they didn’t like.  



2. Cannabis Spa Gift Basket

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Be extra for your partner this year and make them a spa gift basket full of cannabis-infused bath and body products. Add some pretty cellophane and ribbons to add more of the stoner Valentine’s Day theme.


Some great ideas of what to include in your sweet’s cannabis spa gift basket:


  • Hemp massage oil - The thing about giving hemp massage oil (or any massage oil) as a gift is that you have to use it on them. Rub your partner down after a relaxing bubble bath or a rough day at work that caused sore muscles and back.
  • Marijuana - scented candle - You know that feeling of sticking your head in a big bag of bud, where you inhale and you can feel your stress start to melt away? Give your partner that feeling, even  without getting them a bag of bud. Include a MALIN + GOETZ marijuana candle, so your partner (and you) can indulge in the spicy scent of the candle. This specific type of candle to provoke feelings of sensuality and passion. Relaxing and intimate, it’s the perfect inclusion to any stoner Valentine’s Day gift basket.
  • Cannabis soap - Made with coconut oil, safflower oil, hemp oil, peppermint essential oil, mineral color, hemp rope, sustainable palm, and essential oils, cannabis soap delivers the serenity of any spa. Except, it’s better because it involves cannabis.

  • Weed socks - Not only are these super cute, but they’re also really soft. They’re the perfect addition for spoiling your pretty pothead.



3. Engraved Grinder


Instead of carving Joe + Ryan 4Ever  into a tree, purchase a fancy metal grinder from your local dispensary. Then, get it engraved with whatever date is most important to your relationship, or even just settle for your names in a heart. It’s classic, and it’s golden.


Put it in a pretty Valentine’s Day box, and maybe include some bud they can grind up and smoke with you.



4. Engraved Lighter


If the grinder isn’t the right present for your special stoner, there’s always the engraved Zippo route. Plus, it’s something they can use all the time and on the go.


Zippo makes this one easy, because they offer tons of customization features. You can design a lighter with a picture or an engraved message. Take one of the best pictures of the two of you, and have engraved with your anniversary on the lighter.  That’s sure to light a fire in her heart! (Get it? Ha.)



5.  Fairytale Wooden Lock Chest

Get your sweetie a locking chest straight out of a fairytale - Perfect stash box!

Get your sweetie a locking chest straight out of a fairytale - Perfect stash box!


Bring some fairytale romance to Valentine’s Day with a beautiful wooden chest full of stoner must-haves that will make her feel like a queen hiding her treasure. Fill it with all sorts of smoking essentials, from rolling papers to a small jar of bud.


You could go one step further and gift your love the enchanted locking chest stash box from RAW. It comes with two packs of rolling papers, hemp wick, filter tips, a bamboo rolling mat, a stash jar, and a lock and key.  She’ll definitely feel like she’s in a fairytale with this magical treasure trove.



6. Lipstick Pipe

For the makeup-loving stoner in your life, this pretty lipstick pipe from Green Goddess is designed to look like any regular ol’ lipstick container. However, if you take off the caps, you’ll discover that it’s actually a 3-inch pipe. Help your stoner sweetie take their smoking on the go. It comes in red and purple, so you can match it to your partner’s lipstick preference.



7. Spark Plug Pipe


Don’t worry, the car-loving stoner isn’t going to be left out. This stealthy pipe from Brothers With Glass disguises itself as a spark plug when you’re not smoking out of it. If your partner works on cars, this would be a great choice for a perfect pipe to hide right there in plain sight. The ingenious design allows the smoker to use it as a regular one-hitter OR as a capped pipe.

It’s small, light, and hardy, so you can toss it in a tool box or glove compartment without having to worry it will break.



8. A Bag of Good Weed 

Show your Valentine they light a fire in your heart with Fire Cannabis' Chemmy Jones 

Show your Valentine they light a fire in your heart with Fire Cannabis' Chemmy Jones 


A bag of some really top-quality weed is one of the best stoner Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there.


You can’t go wrong with this type of present, because your sweetie loves good bud as much as you do. Plus, these flowers don’t lose their beauty after a week.


They may smell amazing and look pretty, but that’s not all these flowers. No, these flowers help your partner chill out and enjoy their day - - all while being reminded of you.


You could even go one step further, and get your partner a weed bouquet. That’s most definitely going to go over really well!

9. THC Molecule Necklace


While it is true jewelry is a traditional Valentine’s Day present that it seems as though most women receive, this necklace is something a little extra special for that beautiful stoner chick in your life. A THC molecule necklace is the perfect way for the science-loving stoner to subtly show everyone she loves marijuana, too.



10.  Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis


Show your culinarily gifted partner you care about their interests by gifting them HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis. Filled with hundreds of cannabis-infused recipes, this cookbook is a must-have stoner Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves to cook. Or, you know, wants to learn how to make edibles.



11. Plan a Cannabis Getaway

Seattle cannabis tours make for the perfect weekend getaway activity

Seattle cannabis tours make for the perfect weekend getaway activity



Wrap your entire Valentine’s Day celebration into one fat blunt of a cannabis-infused weekend.


Take time off work, leave the kids with the grandparents, and getaway for a romantic, cannabis-full weekend. There are numerous marijuana-friendly hotels and lodges popping up everywhere.


Finding those cannabis-friendly accomodations in Seattle and all throughout Washington is simple with Kush Tourism.


Their lodgings have all been personally vetted, and they all come with unique perks. So, take a relaxing cannabis getaway for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy smoking legal weed, the beautiful Washington sights, and the uplifting cannabis culture.


Plus, the Seattle Kush Tour will make it possible for you to have an in-depth chance to go behind the proverbial curtain of legal marijuana. They’ve got all sorts of fun activities from live glass blowing, an indoor grow, retail marijuana shops, and lots more!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to rebuild that connection with your sweetheart - - without the pressures of kids, work, and other obligations. Re-light that flame with a romantic cannabis getaway.


12.  Zhou Dynasty Bong


This is one bong your lady’s friends more than likely don’t have. One of my personal favorites, the Zhou Dynasty bong from China Glass is elegant, petite, and absolutely stunning. This beautiful bong was inspired by the imperial vases during China’s dynastic period. Art meets weed with this handmade bong for just $130 at .


13. Heart-Shaped Pizza


Not every Valentine’s Day present has to be expensive and diamond-crusted. It doesn’t have to be sweet either, although chocolate is pretty good. Get your beloved a heart-shaped pizza, and it’s guarantee to not be the only heart someone gives you.


14. Bouquet of Rose Joints


Weed bouquets are always a fantastic present, but not everyone can afford that. Another (super adorable) alternative is to roll a dozen rose joints and give those to your sweetie. Here’s a great step-by-step rose joint tutorial to help you out.



15. Heart Filter Joints


Following the Valentine’s Day smoke sesh with your boo theme, roll up a bunch of joints with heart filters. Put them in a cute box, drawstring pouch, pretty cigarette case, or a heart-shaped box.


Here’s a heart filter joint tutorial to get you going:



16. Custom Cannabis Gift Basket


The spa gift basket is always a great idea, but a customized cannabis gift basket is great all the time! Not just during bath time.


Get a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift basket, which are sold everywhere from grocery stores to the mall. Carefully untie the ribbon (usually) at the top, and take everything out.


Remove the items you know she wouldn’t like or wouldn’t care about. Replace them with stoner items like:


  • Grinder(s)
  • Pipe(s)
  • Stash jar
  • Toker Poker and lighters
  • Gift cards to their favorite fast food restaurants
  • Joints or blunts - Get gold wraps / papers  to be extra for your Valentine
  • Roach clips
  • A few grams of their favorite strains

17. Privy Peach CBD Sex Lube


Not only is this an intimate and sensual stoner Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s also a deeply thoughtful one that is sure to make your lady fall into your arms.


The founder of Privy Peach, Kim Koehler, established her brand of CBD-infused products after physical and emotional trauma following sexual assault and an abusive marriage. Sex became painful, so she turned to CBD because it is known for treating pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other issues.


Today, the Privy Peach brand sells an assortment of CBD products, including personal lubricant designed to enhance pleasure while reducing pain and anxiety women may face during sex. They are made with coconut oil as way of preventing irritation, and the lubricant is infused with CBD distillate - - it’s one of the purest extract methods possible.


Oh, and don’t worry! Privy Peach sells a product for men, called “Dude Balm”, which is an ED balm infused with CBD, watermelon seed extract, and citrulline.


18. Phyto CBD for Animals

Love your boo, love their pet. Giving your partner's  furbaby some love is one of the best stoner Valentine's Day gift ideas around.

Love your boo, love their pet. Giving your partner's  furbaby some love is one of the best stoner Valentine's Day gift ideas around.



If you want to impress your partner, show how much you care about their pet by getting them a separate Valentine’s Day present.


Phyto Animal Health , a new line of CBD-infused products for cats, dogs, smaller furry friends, and horses, allows you to give love to your baby’s furbaby.


The Vitality oil is minimally processed CBD oil that is intended for cats and large dogs. The other oil, Vitality-X, is meant for small pets and horses. Both were made for optimal cardiovascular functions, promotion of neurological health and behaviors, support of healthy joints and hips, and maintenance of hair and healthy skin.


Another option is Fairwinds CBD Companion Tincture, which is bacon-flavored and great for both your partner AND their fur-child. Their tincture is made with 100% purified coconut oil, and is completely free of any alcohol, glycerin, or sugars, the CBD Companion Tincture never clumps or separates. Instead, it has food-grade essentials that give the tincture a clean, subtle taste with plenty of flavor.


If your partner’s pet has been suffering from arthritis, anxiety, joint pain, and / or seizures, the Fairwinds CBD Companion Tincture may very well be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea.


Cannabinoids aren’t psychoactive, so there’s no need to worry about you or your sweetie’s pet getting stoned.  On the other hand, they do have anti-inflammatory compounds and the ability to help treat neurological disorders.


As a final bonus, Fairwinds donates 10% of each bottle of Fairwinds CBD Companion Tincture sold to the Fairwinds Pet Wellness program. The program funds research on animal-related cannabinoid science. Not only do your partner and their furry friend get to chill out in total relaxation (and awesome bacon flavor), but you also get to contribute to cannabis research.


19. Stoner Lingerie


Image credit:  Alien Outfitters   Cheeky bud-related panties are some fun stoner Valentine's Day gift ideas

Image credit: Alien Outfitters

Cheeky bud-related panties are some fun stoner Valentine's Day gift ideas

By getting her stonerific lingerie from Alien Outfitters, you’re showing the babe in your life that you care enough to get her the good stuff. They make high-quality and cheeky panties, teddies, and more - All of which your girl is sure to love. They have a pretty wide selection of different stoner panties and other types of stoner underwear to choose from, so there’s something for every taste.



20. Sleep Therapy Mask


Two things are true about stoners: They are always hungry, and they’re usually sleepy.


Here’s a way to help your honey get a better night’s rest by getting ready for bed with this Sharper Image Sleep Therapy Mask. A calming, blue glow is seen when wearing these, rather than just darkness. This will help your Valentine ease their mind and fall asleep faster than ever. With your love getting a full slumber without restless thoughts, they’re bound to be ecstatic about this stoner Valentine’s Day gift.


What other awesome stoner Valentine's Day gift ideas would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to share! 


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