Dealing With Fear and Doubt Along Your Freelance Career Journey

Dealing With Fear and Doubt Along Your Freelance Career Journey || Booklexia Freelance Coaching, cannabis content marketing, cannabis writer

Wanna know a secret?


Okay. Here goes.

I came super close to totally sabotaging my freelance career journey before it even had a chance to start.

That’s right.

I was about to give up on the whole thing, sell my website (if I could), cry into my pillow for, like, five days, and then start this one thing that was completely different. Then, I realized that other thing just wasn’t for me.

I had to make this freelance career work.

But, what was so intensely compelling enough that I almost quit my dream career before I even really had a chance to get there?



I have chronic mental and physical illnesses. I was also raised to believe that “if it’s not an A, it’s an F.” I have a very hard time accepting failure, and not being able to do something flawlessly the first time. (Silly, right?)

Anxiety is normal for me as it is. And it’s debilitating. It’s crushing. It’s overwhelming.

Even if you don’t have these issues, fear and doubt are still very much giant obstacles that pop up to keep our aspirations and goals at bay.

It’s like this:

Do you worry about not being able to make enough money?

Do you fear failure?

Do you doubt your ability to do this professionally?

To run your own business?

I’ve (clearly) had more than my fair share of self-doubt, fear of failure, cold feet, apprehension, and rejection - Perhaps more in this profession than anything I’ve ever done. Including working retail.


But, I’ve learned over time to squash any and all doubts I may have about my business and my ability. I’ve learned to stifle that inner critic that tells me to think twice about continuing to do this.

You see, having doubts and having fear is totally normal. The problem is, when you start giving into the doubts and the fear, it settles into your psyche like a mess of sticky cobwebs.


  • Don’t put yourself out there, pitching clients and marketing your brand

  • Think you don’t have anything unique to offer the marketplace, so you stop brainstorming and trying to grow your business

  • Worry you’re going to fail and that what you’re currently doing isn’t effective.

I wanted to talk about this as my first blog post on this Booklexia Freelance Coaching blog because I get questions about fear and doubt ALL. THE. TIME.

So, I’m going share some valuable tools to help you kick Fear & Doubt booty - - Because they’ll try to fight you all throughout your freelance career journey. I still deal with them, and I’ve owned had my freelance career for nearly five years now!

But, we’re going to combat those today. So, here are my top tips for gaining confidence in your freelance career journey:

Dealing With Fear and Doubt Along Your Freelance Career Journey || Booklexia Freelance Coaching, cannabis content marketing, cannabis writer

Tips For Having Confidence In

Your Freelance Career Journey

Keep Going!

David Bowie once said that, “you can neither win nor lose if you don’t run the race.” And you best believe that’s true. The best way to improve your freelance business is to keep doing it. If you want to improve your writing, then you have to write. Same with photography, or yarn art, or programming, or virtually any freelance career you can think of. Showcase your products / samples in the portfolio on your website and on your blog. If you don’t yet have a website, make sure to check out this tutorial on setting one up in just five steps!

Bask in Rejection


Face it with a smile. It sounds weird, but it’s absolutely true if you want to kick Doubt to the curb. Every freelance business owner has faced rejection. Multiple times.

It doesn’t mean the client hated you. They simply didn’t need your content right then.

(This can be especially tough for those of us with anxiety and /or other mental health disorders. I feel you.)

But, just think: Rejection can either hurt you or help you.

And, truly, this is one of those things you really do have control over.

Allow For Paradigm Shift

You want to change your viewpoint.

Early on, I noticed that it wasn’t about what I had to offer my clients. Rather, it was about how I could HELP them. I don’t sell anything to my clients. I provide solutions, and I share the benefits of my services with my leads, not the features.

Pro-Tip: A prospective client isn’t going to pay you just because they happen to have money to spend. You have to know what motivates your client. What’s relevant, what’s useful, and what’s wanted. You need timely, engaging content and copy to build a relationship with your prospective customers and lead them through the sales funnel.

A client is motivated by the need to find a solution to a problem. They are willing to pay for that solution.

You’re the one who is there to OFFER it. You’re not the one trying to sell at them.

What fears and doubts are holding you back from moving forward with your freelance business? Comment below and let me know!



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