West Coast Vape Co. Products (THC Vape Carts Review - Part I)

West Coast Vape Co.

West Coast Vape Co. offers some of California’s most superior THC vape carts filled with 100% pure, lab-tested distillate with organic cannabis-derived terpenes. Poured into smooth-hitting vape carts, this distillate is starting to become a household name among California cannabis users.

I’ve been vaping on pretty much all the West Coast Vape Co. THC carts by now, and they’ve quickly become one of my top go-to brands for THC carts.

Here are four of them:

West Coast Vape Co. Products (THC Vape Carts Review - Part I) | Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing

West Coast Vape Co. Products Review (Part I)


Paris OG

THC 93.2%

Paris OG | Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing

West Coast Vape Co.’s Paris OG is a potent and flavorful indica that’s pretty much guaranteed to hit you with some intense couch-lock.

A cross between Lemon OG x Headband, Paris OG has a zesty lemon-citrus flavor paired with a citrus-herbal aroma. This Paris OG vape cart boasts a staggering THC concentration of 93.2%.

Paris OG is definitely one of those creeper strains, not really hitting you until several minutes after you’ve savored the flavor of your last hit. The tell-tale pressure on the temples that comes from the Headband genetics comes on first, followed by a relaxing, full-body melt that will have your eyelids drooping and keep you glued into the couch. Mentally, Paris OG puts you in a dreamy, cloudy state that makes this the perfect choice for decompressing after a particularly long day or week.

** Great for anxiety and pain


Fire OG

THC 92.8%

Fire OG | Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing, cannabis marketing

Fire OG is an indica that packs one hell of a punch. While it’s generally not recommended for newer cannabis users, most people tend to stick to lower doses of just a couple hits at a time.

Take those hits, and you’ll feel an instant cerebral high that both gets the creative juices flowing and brings on waves of euphoria. But, this is a whimsical, blissful high - - not exactly a focused one. It’s likely to put those with lower tolerances straight to bed, or melted WAY down into the ouch.

The effects of this Fire OG from West Coast Vape Co. tend to last about 2 or three hours, depending on the dose(s). The diesel-piney flavor smells a lot like it tastes, with strong citrusy undertones. Invigorating and delicious, the flavors and aromas definitely live up to the OG lineage.

** This strong indica helps reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. It’s also effective for nausea relief, while also stimulating appetite. Also a great strain for those who stutter.


Banana Kush

THC 93.2%


Banana Kush is a hybrid that tastes and smells exactly like the name would suggest: A smooth blend of bananas and really, really could Kush.

Providing a strong high that’s about 50% relaxation, Banana Kush is pretty much always recommended for bedtime use. Just take a few hits about half-an-hour before bed, and you’ll be struggling to keep those eyes open.

Being a hybrid, Banana Kush also has some sativa effects, such as powerful euphoria and overall blissful mood elevation. Take too many hits, though, and this could cause some side effects of dizziness and paranoia.

** Great for chronic pain, depression, and insomnia


Strawberry Cough

THC 92.3%


West Coast Vape Co.’s Strawberry Cough is a flavor-rich sativa with an unmistakable strawberry flavor. Light and fruity, this strain was born from a cross of Strawberry Fields x Haze. With a THC composition of 92.3%, this strain is an uplifting, creative, energizing, and productive one that’s great to enjoy throughout the day and in a whole variety of settings.

Take a hit, and you’ll immediately get the initial taste of juicy, ripe strawberries. Exhale, and you’ll savor a candy-sweet strawberry flavor that matches the sugary berry scent that hangs around for just a few moments longer.

** Strawberry Cough helps with depression, anxiety, and stress


Have you had any West Coast Vape Co. products?