UK Cheese (Marijuana Strain Review)

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UK Cheese Strain Review

UK Cheese, also known as Exodus Cheese, is a potent indica hybrid originating from the British breeders, Exodus. This strain has oversized, puffy buds in roughly round, rock-like shapes. The loose, sativa-esque leaves are a dark, forest-green and spiral off their calyxes. In striking contrast, rusty-orange and brown pistils twist throughout the buds, peeking through the sparse dusting of sticky trichomes.

There’s no hiding UK Cheese -- it’s a pungent one. In fact, it’s notorious for its immensely tangy and slightly sweet aroma, a lot like blue cheese. Snap the buds apart, and damp earthy notes drift up from the buds in stark contrast to the powerfully sour, gassy flavor that lingers on the tongue upon exhale. It’s one of the strains that “takes some getting used to” when it comes to flavor. It’s definitely not for everyone.

The UK Cheese strain is a quick one with 16 - 18% THC, with immediate euphoric effects that act far more like a sativa than a hybrid. You’ll get an uplifting, energizing cerebral high that puts you in a euphoric, creative state of mind but won’t improve your focus. It’s more of a dreamy, whimsical high. Physically, pain and stress melt away from your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and loose. Great for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, or for seshing with friends. This is one of those, “Dude, what if…” type of strains.


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