Suzy Q (CBD Strain Review)

Suzy Q (CBD Strain Review)

Suzy Q (CBD Strain Review) | Booklexia Content Marketing, cannabis content marketing

Suzy Q is a CBD strain that was brought into the world by Burning Bush Nurseries (thanks for the Key Lime Pie!!). While the genetics remain a proprietary secret of Burning Bush, it's abundantly clear this strain is a powerful reliever of physical pain and mental stress. The THC content is low - 1% - but the CBD content is a rich 24%.

The flowers are on the smaller side of medium, with a vaguely spadelike silhouette that tapers down to a point from a wide base. With this structure, the buds look far more sativa than indica, especially with the long tendril leaves that twist out and are easily snapped off. The buds are a dark, olive green set off by contrasting, bright orange and golden pistils. There aren't that many trichomes because of the low THC content, so it's super easy to break apart and grinds up really well.

Woodsy and piney, Suzy Q has a lingering aroma that carries undertones of musky, fresh earth. Grind up the buds, and a spicy-hash aroma wafts up and hints at the flavors they hold. The smoke is thick and acrid, so coughing should be expected. The exhale is piney-spice, and stays on the palette for just a moment longer.

This strain is all about the relaxation, and it's one that is so strong that it's likely to put you right to sleep - - or at least have you melted down into the couch. The cerebral effects are uplifting and focusing, making it easier to concentrate and work creatively. It's a great choice for any time of day, and works especially well for pain, anxiety, and depression relief.

This one isn't always easy to come by, but it's one you want to definitely get when you can find it. (Burning Bush does have seeds available for sale online as well). I got my flower at Dr. G's Glass Shop in Vista, CA.


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