Suver Haze (CBD Strain Review)

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Suver Haze CBD Strain

A skillfully crafted, tightly manicured strain with very minimal leaf, Suver Haze has probably become one of the more popular CBD strains from Upstate Hemp Co. right now. This CBD-rich strain can literally change your whole world if you find yourself struggling to get through the day without feeling just totally mentally and physically wiped out.

Featuring a 21.4% CBD + CBDa total, a 0.04% THC total, and a 23.36% cannabinoid total, this strain is rich in CBD, offering an infusion that keeps its effects creative and inspiring, yet physically calming and relaxing.

With the the Suver Haze CBD strain, it’s possible to remain calm and relaxed, while still feeling mentally energized and heavily inspired to create something, a combination that makes this one of the best strains for work, for productivity, and for getting those creative juices flowing.

Suver Haze CBD Strain Aroma + Flavors

The Suver Haze aroma is immensely pungent, but not in an unpleasant way. In fact, the sharp, citrus musk appeals to the more dynamic of your senses, carrying with it spicy, diesel, and skunky notes with earthy undertones that ground and rejuvenate you as you take a big whiff from the bag.

In terms of flavor, the Suver Haze CBD strain holds strong notes of that citrus-musk the aroma hinted at, with earthy-herbal aftertastes that linger on the palette just a moment longer.

Suver Haze CBD Strain Appearance

The appearance of the buds makes it clear they’ve been well-cured and tumbled, leaving behind very few leaves. They feature wide spreads of muted forest tones, with vibrant patches of golden-brown hues. The leaves themselves are a faded olive-green in color, with amber, golden, and deep purple / pink accents. The pistils are a deep, rust color, and thread throughout the buds with sharp contrast. With a fair dusting trichomes, these buds hold a slight silver sheen that catches the light and glistens like an array of tiny diamonds.

Suver Haze CBD Strain Effects

The effects of the Suver Haze CBD strain are unique unto themselves, capable of healing and calming, yet still mentally stimulating and uplifting. It may sound like a dream strain too good to be true, but Upstate Hemp Co. just proved it isn’t. The strain brings on a long-lasting effect that keeps the smoker in a creative, uplifted mental space.

This order came with a hard copy of the lab report, as well as a product label that features a scannable QR code with a link to the same results.

Note: This strain does contain legal, trace amounts of THC. While this is a CBD strain, there is the possibility of failing a drug test.

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