Special Sauce (CBD Strain Review)

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Special Sauce CBD Strain

Upstate Hemp Co. is known for its high-quality, CBD-rich strains, and Special Sauce is hardly an exception.

Although the flowers weren’t trimmed super closely, the purple-tinged nugs of the Special Sauce strain are beautiful to look at, and carry an aroma that perks up the senses. Big notes of citrus, blueberries, and sweet cream swirl together around hoppy, herbal undertones to form that classic Special Sauce flavor profile that’s loved by so many - - including me!

Special Sauce is a popular, flavor-forward CBG-rich CBD strain with a strong cannabinoid backbone. It’s got a CBD + CBDa total of 18.8%, a THC level of 0.3%, and 21.88% total cannabinoids. Not to mention the incredibly high CBG content of 21.4 mg / g that promises to alleviate numerous ailments and offer a long list of therapeutic benefits.

Special Sauce CBD Strain Appearance

The purple-tinged flowers of this CBD strain are long and dense, boasting olive-green leaves flecked with striking traces of dark purple, golden amber, and subtle pink. These beautiful nugs are coated in an almost transparent sheen of glistening trichomes, and offset by fiery, rust-colored pistils.

Special Sauce CBD Strain Aroma & Flavor

Nevertheless, the buds of the Special Sauce strain are very sticky and pretty difficult to break up without the help of a grinder. But, this Upstate Hemp Co. strain isn’t just limited to its arresting hues - - the flowers give off a citrus-berry aroma that’s almost impossible to stop smelling over and over and over. (I tried, but DAMN that strain smells good!) The sweet and slightly tart aroma intensifies when the buds are opened, giving off a more complex scent of hops, herb, and an earthy-musk. When the buds are smoked, the hoppy citrus really comes through. The smoke is VERY smooth, so much that it’s actually surprising for a CBD strain, and has a sweet blueberry-citrus taste on both the inhale and exhale without any lingering funk or resinous film on the lips.

Special Sauce CBD Strain Effects

With effects that feel different from the other Upstate Hemp Co. strains by far, this is a notably potent strain, even for experienced smokers.

Take a couple of hits -- or a fat bong rip, if you’re like me - - and you’ll immediately start getting a strong sense of physical and mental relaxation that translates into a blissful, therapeutic calm that makes the Special Sauce strain the perfect one for unwinding after a long day (or week!). There is a sense of mental clarity and focus, but not one I would call energizing. No, this CBG-rich strain is all about the relaxation.

With the Special Sauce strain, one that was definitely aptly named, a little goes a long way and its effects seem to last longer than the average CBD strain.

This strain is practically unbeatable in its CBG content, and one that I’m definitely going to stock up on.

Available from Upstate Hemp Co. for $7 /g.

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