Sour Candy Kush (Marijuana Strain Review)

Sour Candy Kush (Marijuana Strain Review) | Booklexia Content Marketing , cannabis marketing

Sour Candy Kush is a potent sativa that makes for the perfect daytime strain. A cross between Sour Diesel and Bubble Gum, this is a great strain for seshing with friends and for pain relief.

While the strain’s a potent one, it’s still one even beginner smokers can comfortably enjoy, with a typical THC level of 15% - 17%.

Aptly named, Sour Candy Kush smells sweet and fruity, with strong earthy-diesel undertones. The flavor is even sweeter and more candy-like, with earthy notes.

Sour Candy Kush buds tend to vary in size, and are S U P E R frosty, covered in a thick blanket of large, sparkling trichomes. The buds themselves are usually bright, forest-green in color with thin, wispy pistils peeking out here and there.

Pack your bowl, and you’ll get an instant mood boost. As a potent sativa, Sour Candy Kush is definitely up there on the list of good strains for focus and productivity. Uplifting, energizing, and creative, this strain brings on a cerebral buzz that offers intense euphoria that makes this a great strain for smoking with friends. Once the sativa genetics have had their turn, the indica effects kick in, melting your body down into a relaxing body buzz. You’re still functional and productive, just more mellowed and relaxed.

It’s a great pain reliever, but not for serious chronic pain. This is one is best for headaches, cramps, and sore joints, as well as for mild depression, nausea, and low appetite. Some people may get some anxiety with this strain, even with the lower THC levels.

All together, packing a bowl of this means packing a high that will last for about an hour to two hours, on average. Experienced smokers will get a lot of functionality out of this strain, along with the serious mood boost, while beginner smokers may want to try this one when they’re at home - - just in case anxiety hits or they end up super talkative!

Keep this one as part of your go-to stash for when you need a mood boost.

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