King's Kush Crumble (Strain Review)


King’s Kush Strain Review — Crumble, Brass Monkey CA

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King’s Kush, originally brought into the world by Green House Seeds, is a powerful cross between legends OG Kush x Grape Ape. The crumble from Brass Monkey CA definitely lives up to the legendary genetics.

Take a dab of this, and you’ll immediately feel your mood soar as the euphoric cerebral high hits. The body melt follows a bit after, and will have you sinking down into the couch as the number of fucks you give just dwindles down to nothing. These body effects make King Kush a great choice for those with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

As flavorful as it is potent, King’s Kush has a sweet and sour flavor with strong, tangy grape undertones. The scent of grape is stronger, with subtle notes of pine.

The euphoric head high of this strain stimulates the imagination and gets your creativity going. If you want one of those “let’s talk aliens and shit” type of seshes, King’s Kush is it.


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