Bubba Kush

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Bubba Kush by Chong’s Choice


Bubba Kush is an indica strain with a thousand and one stories about its origin. While it’s not legendary as OG Kush, Bubba Kush still tends to spark heated debates within the cannabis industry.

The Bubba Kush is one indica that has only grown in popularity over the years, and all across the country. The strain’s known for its powerful sedative effects and distinct flavor that stands apart from the rest of the Kush family strains.

The genetic origins of Bubba Kush are ambiguous and as shrouded in mystery as the origins of the OG strains.

The stocky structure and bulky buds of the Bubba Kush plants seem to be reminiscent of the strain’s presumed Afghani descent.


Appearance of Bubba Kush strain

Bubba Kush has a distinctive leaf structure, stem thickness, flower site density, limited flower node spacing, and coloration. The Bubba Kush strain carries hues that range from vivid forest-green to a dark, dusty purple.

All of the Bubba Kush buds are covered in striking amber hairs, and coated in a thick dusting of glistening trichomes.

As you could probably guess, the Bubba Kush buds are super sticky. Seriously, you’re going to need some hand sanitizer next to you.

Booklexia Bud Bios: Bubba Kush strain information



Bubba Kush by Chong’s Choice holds a unique scent that lingers in your senses and is one you will never forget. This bud is the very epitome of an “earthy” scent, offering a rejuvenating aroma of pine with depth that comes from the sweet hashish flavors.



Subtle notes of coffee and dark chocolate swirl together as you exhale your hit, jump-starting your palette awake, and leaving a chocolate aftertaste you’re virtually guaranteed to love.

Depending on the phenotype, flavors of the Bubba Kush strain range from sweet-earthy to diesel, from dark chocolate and coffee to ammonia.


Booklexia Bud Bios : Bubba Kush strain information

Effects of the Bubba Kush strain


Bubba Kush is definitely an indica-dominant strain that produces a full-body, narcotic-sedating body high that will have you sinking way down into the couch.

With an 18.75% THC concentration, Bubba Kush is a powerfully tranquilizing strain that offers a relaxation that starts from the crown of your head and flows down to your toes.

Your muscles will relax with each hit.

After that body high washes over you, it’s time for cerebral, head-in-the-clouds head high. Take a few hits, and you’ll feel the Bubba Kush replacing all your worries, stress, and frustrations with serene tranquility.

This is best as an evening strain, unless you want to be super in-da-couch during the afternoon.

In that case, starting packing a bowl!  


Where to buy Bubba Kush


There are plenty of producers of Bubba Kush, but I’m partial to the strain from Chong’s Choice. Some places to find this delicious sedative of a strain include:


01. World of Weed - Tacoma, WA (Top ranked store in Tacoma)


World of Weed has Bubba Kush by Chong’s Choice for:

$8.00 - - Gram

$25.00 -- Eighth

$47.00 -- Quarter

$79.00 -- Half

$149.00 -- Ounce


02. The Gallery - Puyallup, WA

The Gallery has Bubba Kush by Red Frog for:

$29.00 -- Eighth


03. Sweet Jane - Gig Harbor, WA

Sweet Jane has Bubba Kush for:

$5.00 -- Gram

$15.00 -- Eighth

$24.00 -- Quarter

$90.00 -- Ounce



Have you tried Bubba Kush yet? Let me know what you thought about it!