Blue Dream (Strain Review)

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With a high THC content of 25%, this particular batch of Blue Dream bud is every bit as dank as it looks, with flavor and aroma to match.

A powerful cross between Blueberry x Haze, Blue Dream is a sativa with ambiguous history. Nobody knows anything about its origins, leaving it a mysterious strain. This dreamy strain first made an appearance in the medical cannabis community, though nobody’s sure who or where it came from. However, it was eventually picked up by famous breeder DJ Short, who turned the strain into the magical one it is today.

Take a hit, and the juicy-sweet flavors of blueberry and sugar fill your senses and linger on the palette -- as well as in the air. Be sure you’ve got ways to get the smell of weed out of the house, if you’re smoking on some good Blue Dream.

Blue Dream nugs are long and chunky, with deep blue-green hues, amber hairs, and a thick dusting of snowy white trichomes. Generally, this is a sticky strain and one you’ll want to use the grinder for.

As Blue Dream’s lineage would suggest, the high of this strain is a balanced sativa that starts with a cerebral rush that brings on creativity, motivation, and heightened focus. This is paired with uplifted mood and lasting euphoria. The physical high brings your body into an incredibly relaxed state, with a bit of haziness. If you need to work on a big project that’s going to take hours to complete, smoke on some Blue Dream.

Get the energy and physical relaxation you need to keep you going, but without any jitters or couch lock.

Blue Dream flower, hydroponically grown    Follow me on Instagram for more

Blue Dream flower, hydroponically grown

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