5 Quick Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

5 Quick Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

 Use Snapchat for your business, and she could be looking at your goods right now.

Use Snapchat for your business, and she could be looking at your goods right now.

Are you interested in taking your business or brand to Snapchat?

Have you been wondering how you can integrate Snapchat into your business marketing?

Well, look no further.


An Untapped Resource

Snapchat is an incredibly fast-growing social network with over 100 million daily active users. Of the businesses that are marketing themselves on social media, very few of them use Snapchat. Most businesses market themselves on Twitter and Facebook, but are completely ignoring this great social media platform. As such, it remains an untapped resource for business promotion.

This lack of competition means your business stands a much better chance of standing out and engaging with your audience. Unlike other social media platforms, your posting schedule doesn’t really matter. Your snaps will not get buried in the depths of a busy timeline, much like they do on Twitter and Facebook. Your updates will remain unopened until your followers have time to view them. After they are opened, they are available for only a limited time.

While this limited viewing time may sound like a drawback, it’s actually quite the opposite. The short shelf life of a snap makes using Snapchat for business a great idea, since you will have your users’ undivided attention. They will focus more on what you are saying, since they only get to see it more a moment.

So, how do you use Snapchat for business?

Keep reading to find out how to get started.


Using Snapchat for Business


#1: Showcase New Products and Services

A great example of showcase new products and services on Snapchat is Jen’s Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Hot Dog on Tastemade’s Snapchat. Tastemade is a video network made specifically for the mobile generation. People come together to discover and share their love of food, travel, and other tasty goodness. Their Snapchat is full of great stories that share new recipes and products.

Even if you are not selling a tangible product, like a delicious hot dog, you can still use Snapchat for business:

·         Promote your new blog post with a screenshot

·         Showcase your new merchandise

·         Announce your commission openings

·         Show a bit of an article you just completed


#2: Specials, Discounts, and Promotions

A recent Adweek article on Taco Bell’s dominance of Snapchat explains that they have an 80% open rate on the snaps they send, which is far greater than any other marketing method, including those on Twitter or via email.  They stay this successful on Snapchat because they connect with the main audience of Snapchat users – the younger generation and teens within the 13 to 25 age bracket. There are also many that are older.

Using Snapchat for business means you can really take advantage of the fickle nature of Snapchat. You’ll be able to engage with users on a newer social media platform, which will expand your readership and audience, and make you seem more “in touch” with today’s generation.

Some ways in which you can do this include: 

·         Reward customer loyalty while increasing engagement. Do this by offering some specials or discounts for those who comment or share on the snaps that you send.

·         Take a picture of your newest ad or flyer to ensure it reaches a new audience. Those checking their phone may not be currently hungry, for example, but seeing a picture of delicious ice cream that is half-off is bound to make them want some. I got hungry just thinking about it!


#3: Hold a Q & A Session

Hold a Q & A session during which you post video responses to questions your readers or customers send in. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also creates a sense of community and of knowing you personally.

Have your readers or customers send in their questions via Twitter or on your blog, and then answer them on Snapchat. You can even live Snap, responding to the questions right as they come in.

#4: Give a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

While you don’t need to give away any business secrets or break confidentiality, offering a glimpse behind the scenes can really engage your audience, and lets them relate to you on a personal level. It’s always neat to see what people you “follow” are doing behind the curtain. In fact, I follow Barista Life (barista.life) on Snapchat, and love seeing their daily updates. You get a peek into the workday of the team at Starbucks and other coffee and tea companies.

How can you do this?

·         Artists: Show off your studio! Tell your viewers what you are currently working on, and where they can find more of your work.

·         Writers: Show off your office! Let us see where the literary magic happens.

·         Businesses: Show off your back room! Let us see where you package things, what your warehouse looks like, and what new shipments you have going on.

·         Restaurants: Show off your kitchen area! Let us see you making the coffees, baking the pies, cooking the pasta…Okay, now I’m getting hungry.


#5: Encourage Customer Participation

Get your customers or readers to engage with you more by using Snapchat for business. Mashable does a great job of this by having their viewer share their snaps with others. They incorporated a feature that lets you press and hold to share, which lets you send that snap to your friends. When they ask where you got that, you’ll being giving a bit of promotion to the company. Find out how to use this feature, and take advantage of it by adding some great snaps.

Other ways in which you can encourage your customers or readers to participate include:

·         Replying to the snaps of some of your followers, or those of the people you follow.

·         Ask people to reply to your snap, or to post a reply on another social media platform.

·         Have your users take pictures of them using your product.

·         Follow back some of your followers.

·         Respond to some of your followers when they send you snaps and chats.

·         Write on your snaps and create a hashtag unique to your business.


Do you use Snapchat for your business? What are some ways in which you do this?



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