5 Foolproof Tips for Starting a Blog

5 Foolproof Tips for Starting a Blog

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With the ever-growing popularity of blogs, more and more people want to start their own. It’s fun, it can bring in some extra money, and you end up making some lasting friendships. Granted, most of them in Narnia or something, but they are real friendships.

Just as with any business startup, new bloggers must create a website, build their personal brand, find their voice, and learn how to attract followers. If you can do all of this on a tight budget, then that’s even better.

 To help, here is a list of 5 practical and affordable tips for starting your own blog. Whether you want to share off your cute clothes in a fashion blog, or talk about the latest movie you watched in a movie review blog, these tips will help get you on the right track.


Keep reading for 5 tips for starting a blog:


#1: Come up with a snappy blog name

This is actually not as easy as it sounds. Try to come up with one that grabs your readers’ attention, is easy to remember, and is based on the content that you intend to share.

Make sure your name is not already taken. You can check this by typing it in at GoDaddy. This will let you know if your desired URL is free, plus will offer alternatives if it is already in use. If you come up with a particularly great name – or just want to keep it for yourself – it’s a good idea to go ahead and buy your domain from GoDaddy as soon as you can.

#2: Use a free site when you’re just getting started

When you’re just getting into blogging, it’s best to go through a free platform like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, or Squarespace. All of these options come with a wide array of simple templates that let you customize practically every aspect of your site.

#3: Create a content strategy

Create a plan for your blog. What direction do you plan to go with it? Do you want to share pictures? Do you want to share travel stories and advice? How often will you update? Daily, weekly, or monthly? These are all important things to keep in mind when creating your blog.

#4: Learn SEO

You don’t need to become a pro, but learning how to optimize your blog and its content for search engines will certainly make it easier to be successful. You will attract more readers, boost your site traffic, and gain a solid readership. Just make sure your content is valuable enough to keep them coming back!

#5: Network with other bloggers

Blogging is really a community, so it’s best to start commenting other blogs, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts as soon as you can. Be nice, and be sure to avoid asking others to follow you. It’s obnoxious, and doesn’t look like you wish to be taken seriously. People want to follow you for your content, not because you asked them to. Your followers are those who come back for your content, and are more than just part of a number count.

Furthermore, when you do comment, make sure you leave something that shows you actually read their post. This means leaving something more substantial than just a “love it!”

 Above all, remember to have fun! 

What are some of your own tips for starting a blog? What worked best for you? 


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