Who is Alexia P. Bullard?


After graduating college, I found myself stuck in a miserable employment cycle. I have physical disabilities, including chronic illnesses and mental health disorders, that made working 40+ hours a week at a fast-paced, grueling job absolute hell every single day.

Everyone was doing it, though, taking the workforce path. It was the right path, the “normal” path. But, it was the path that was right for me. And, deep down, I knew that.

Then, one day, I just quit the workforce. At 23 years old, I decided to start over. I needed something that tapped into my inner passions and my dream aspirations. I started freelance writing. At 24 years old, I started my own business from scratch.

I set to work on what I KNEW, without a doubt, was the right path for me. I was working for myself. I was writing for a living. I was helping others grow THEIR businesses, too.

My purpose is to make other people’s lives better, and this did exactly that.

And, while it’s going great, it can also be pretty isolating at times. And, sometimes, that can make it feel like it’s you vs. the entire damn world.

Which is a big reason why I do what I do.


creative business marketing, small business marketing, cannabis marketing

Here is the tl;dr version my story

For nearly five years, I’ve been hustling hard - - losing sleep, working insane hours, helping my awesome clients to grow their brands and win more clients, nurturing various audiences of both my clients and my own businesses - - from the ground up.

During the past 3 years, I’ve worked (almost) exclusively with cannabis businesses because they’re (1) my people - small business owners & entrepreneurs and (2) they make a positive impact by providing quality and affordable cannabis to those who need its benefits.

The experience and skills I’ve developed by doing all of that work allow me to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs solve problems with marketing education, strategy, and implementation that can actually work for them - - just like they worked for me!

But, I’ve also helped streamline their businesses and provide results-oriented content marketing services. Which means I’ve created and updated business and marketing plans, built behind-the-scenes systems and workflows, and significantly helped improve website traffic generation, search engine rankings, and brand positioning so my clients could reach their money and business goals, get shit done, and STILL be able to have time to craft the life they want outside their business.


Content Marketing, Consulting, and Mentoring Support

I’m SO READY to support you and share the treasure trove of skills and experience I’ve earned over the years. Strategies that I know FOR A FACT work - - because I use them daily in my own business (which also means client businesses!) and because they’ve allowed me to grow & scale month and after month.

Over 4 Years of Extensive Marketing Experience

Working exclusively with small businesses and entrepreneurs -- chiefly in the books, retail, and cannabis space -- I am deeply committed to serving my community, my people.

I Have Done, and Still Do, It Daily

Just like you, I built my own business from the ground-up, and I work hard everyday to test and adjust my marketing skills. So, you can bet your ass I’m not spouting off random nonsense that doesn’t actually work in the real world.

Public Track Record of Success

Field-tested, industry-approved skills handling all of the content marketing for clients with 100,000+ loyal brand followers and customers who do far more than just double tap to give that “like” on social media. Okay, I’ll just come out and say it - - they BUY!

Perspective & Experience

I have a clear, objective view of your brand and business, which means I can look at the overall picture with a seasoned eye. No BS, rose-colored glasses, or sugar-coating here. Okay, maybe a little bit of sugar; I’m not a meanie!

Positive, Quantifiable Return on Investment for Clients

I’ve tripled revenue growth of small businesses and created 5-figure income streams / partnerships through tested methods that were specifically designed for small businesses on a budget - - no confusing ad spending required here!

Transitional Support

Going from 9-5 to full-time entrepreneur is my jam, and I’ll keep you laser-focused using my own experience. I’ll guide you through it all, every step of the way. My support flies true from the first day to the very last moment.

Targeted Visibility

Created thousands of pages of unique, targeted content for different brands that resulted in boosted platform engagement and sales. Yes, content marketing DOES scale businesses - - if done correctly!

Time-Tested Tactics Proven to Work

Successful business-proven planning, productivity, implementation, and ongoing maintenance to speed up your brand growth and avoid the mistakes other small businesses and entrepreneurs in your niche easily make. Because, let’s face it: Who’s got time for that?

Does any of this sound like you?

You’re making some money, but it’s still a constant struggle to attract clients or make any sales. It all feels so forced and far from enjoyable. It’s more like a chore than living your passion. You want a steady stream of customers / clients and potential leads, all ready to hand over their credit cards and buy from / contract with you right there on the spot.

You’ve done everything you’ve heard of, been told, or could think of to grow your social media, but you’re not seeing any impact or engagement. It’s honestly starting to become discouring and just eats a massive hole in your emotional and physical resources. You want a highly targeted, brand-specific strategy to grow your social media following and create an engaged community around your brand. You need a strategy easy for you to implement and maintain, but that will still help you scale your business month after month.

You’ve got plenty of ideas about how you to grow your brand, and you’ve got a pretty clear vision of how you want your business to go. But, you don’t have anything close to a plan. Everything feels a bit half-assed, disjointed, and just all out of alignment. You want a prioritized business with goals and a clear plan to follow in order to achieve them, so you can focus 100% on growing your brand with ease, focus, and total confidence.

You have plenty of random snippets of wisdom rattling around in your head, all from marketing “gurus”, unopened freebie downloads, and unread email courses that claimed to be able to solve ALL of your business and brand woes. But, now everything is just really fucking overwhelming. You want to feel confident, in total alignment with your true purpose and brand vision, and absolutely ready to crush your business goals. And you want to do all that while still making time to craft the life you want, and that you can be proud of.

Your ideal clients aren’t finding you on social media. They aren’t answering any of your ads. They’re not even opening your emails - - if they even sign up! Nothing is going as expected.


Let’s roll up our sleeves, grab some some lattes (I’ll take a chai latte), put our heads together, and get your business moving ahead. Powerfully. Strategically. Purposefully.

And fueled by engaging content.

Content marketing services include the following:

(Monthly packages, credited or ghostwritten. Contact for info.)

Blog Management

Blog strategy, development, management, and marketing. Content both showcases and promotes products available, as well as positions brand as a resource, improves search engine rankings, and increases website traffic. 


  • Credited OR ghostwritten

  • Social media amplification

  • Monthly blogging packages available

Brand Promotion

Creative content for social media, providing brand promotion to both current and targeted audiences.  


  • Features of branded merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, accessories, etc.)

  • Product highlight and demo videos

  • Unique promotional graphics, including infographics and social media content

Product Copy

Descriptive, compelling copy that highlights the features of each product on the website.


  • High-quality product images

  • Persuasive product descriptions

  • Online menu copy / catalog descriptions