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Web design affects content marketing
Tacoma Business Writer

Website Copy

Engaging website copy that highlights the main points of your business and its products. Includes product descriptions, About Us, and other sales-focused website copy.  

Blog Content + Management 

I have three main blogging packages available, each one with its own special features.  Features include: Social media amplification, custom blog title images, and monthly content calendars.

Position your brand as an industry authority, build consumer-brand trust, generate website traffic, boost search engine rankings, and gain new customers. 


Web Development

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Web Development

An expert Digital Graphic Artist + Web Developer helps you breathe life into your brand's website, boosting the impact of your content.

Services include:

  • Original website design and web app development

  • Elegant and professional business card design

  • Bold and unique logo / brand design

  • Display and cover images for your brand’s Facebook pages, groups, and personal profile

Brand promotion

Personal and business platforms: — Eye-catching social media posts showing your products in action. Branded t-shirts and other merch, cannabis, smoking accessories, etc. 

Social media management 

Branded content —  Content creation for social media platforms, on optimal schedule for target audience. Social media management of desired platforms. 


Targeted Ad Copy — Persuasive copy that shows your products are just far too good to pass up, at mind-blowing prices. Strong copy that compels your targeted audience to give their money to you, and not to the other guys.


Joshua Smith | Code Catalyst 

Custom digital graphic design and webpage development

  • Email signature images and design
  • Desktop icons and icon image sets for Windows PC
  • Emoticons and emoticon image sets for your web pages and applications
  • Custom Google Chrome & Firefox browser themes
  • Custom cellphone, tablet, and computer wallpapers / backgrounds