With there being such a large demand for business-minded writers and online marketers, it's hard to find a resource that combines all of these qualities in one. Especially a resource that understands the importance of deadlines. 

I am that writer. 

I even wrote an article for Pardot that is all about how to write content that sells!

I offer more than just book knowledge to my clients – I offer over 10 years of hands-on experience in business, technology, and various industrial fields. I KNOW the cannabis and vape industries like I know myself. 

I'm a customer, which means I know how to create content for your specific audience. I know what customers want to read, and I know what makes them buy. 

This means I know how to create content for your specific audience.

I work with businesses to build and improve online products, communications, and strategies through the use of online content creation and management, social media marketing, and other marketing collateral.

Want proof?

I started my own blog and, using my content strategy, earned 3, 110 shares on a single post. And I’ve built up a solid clientele of people who keep coming to me when they need to get things done. They rely on me because they know I can deliver exactly what they need – and even tend to deliver above expectations.

I’m not like other freelancers you’ve worked with who stick to their word count and only care about getting paid.

No, I truly care about your business. That’s why I don’t stuff your blog posts or other content with buzzwords, industry jargon, and spammy keywords.

Just as with anything else, you don’t want to invest in the first professional you find. You want to find one who specializes in your industry, and who offers the EXACT services you need to grow your business. 

I write for your audience. I write for your brand.


For your content and online marketing needs, I offer a variety of solutions:


Content Marketing

  • Complete blog management**
  • Implementation of strategies for content marketing success
  • Content that attracts, engages, and compels leads to take action (like purchasing your product!)
  • Content that helps increase your search engine ranking, build consumer-brand trust, and further establish your brand as an industry authority

Marketing Collateral

  • Email newsletters
  • Direct mailers
  • Online advertisements
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts, articles, and website copy
  • Product descriptions

Social Media Marketing

  • Create strategies for building and nurturing brand communities on multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more.)
  • Create monthly social media calendars for all social media platforms, based on overall marketing calendars and company sales goals
  • Adhere to the social voice of your brand
  • Produce creative, personalized social content to facilitate brand trust and help lead customer conversations across a variety of social networks
  • Work closely with sales, product, and design team – i.e. everyone.
  • Drive engagement with brand content and events, all while developing relationships with potential future customers.


BONUS: Brand Promotion 

When I work closely with business owners, I tend to get really passionate about their brand. This means I post promotional content on various social media platforms, completely free of charge. 

(Especially if you have branded t-shirts! I love t-shirts.)


** Blog posts are offered as credited or ghostwritten services.**


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