Infographic: Top-Notch Advice from Experienced Freelance Writers

You have a basic idea of the whole freelance writing thing. You have an idea of how to attract freelance writing clients.

You know you should send out queries and letters of introduction. You know you should constantly be marketing yourself. You’ve even had a client meeting over Skype.

But, what about all the other nitty-gritty details?

From invoices to watermarking your drafts, this roundup of advice from experienced freelance writers will give you some pointers and guidance. Feel free to share it or Pin it for later! 

Expert advice for new freelance writers, featuring yours truly!

Expert advice for new freelance writers, featuring yours truly!

Helpful sites:

Invoices: Invoice2Go is a great resource for invoices.

Watermarks: Microsoft gives some pointers for how to add and remove watermarks to your document.

Contracts: Hongkiat gives an overview of the important clauses you should include in your contracts. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a contract in place for each and every client you have.

Productivity: Freedom blocks distracting sites while you work. This can definitely make a huge difference in your daily work performance! Want more tips? Check out these tips for staying productive when working from home


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