50+ Marketing Ideas for Blogs and Small Businesses

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Marketing your blog, whether it be for your personal brand or for your small business, can be daunting. Some find it difficult because they are too busy, while others simply do not know how to go about it. 

To help you out, here are 100 marketing ideas that you can use for your blog or small business with each and every post. Don't get overwhelmed, though. Start off with one or two each day, and you'll soon be on your way to watching your numbers grow!

Social Media Marketing

1. Twitter
2. Facebook 
3. Google + 
4. Pinterest
5. LinkedIn
6. Yelp
7. BlogHer
8. Stumbleupon
9. Digg
10. Tumblr
11. Instagram
12. Snapchat

Forums and Social Bookmarking

1. Digg
2. Newsvine
3. Hubpages
4. Reddit
5. Scoop.It
6. List.ly
7. Storify


1. GetListed.org
2. Local.com
3. YellowPages.com
4. AngiesList.com
5. Kudzu.com
8. Yahoo Directories
9. Google Pages
11. Bing Local
12. Yahoo Local
13. DMOZ.com

Announce Events/Promotions

1.  Craigslist
2. Put an ad in your local newspaper's event listings
3. Yelp

Email Marketing

1. Mailchimp.com
2. Icontact.com
3. Aweber.com
4. Infusionsoft.com


1. Google Adwords
2. Facebook ads
3. Promoted Tweets and Twitter campaigns
4. Sponsored posts on Tumblr
5. Newsletter ads
6. Direct mail
7. Radio
8. TV
9. Newspaper inserts
10. Coupons
11. Google Offers
12. Mobile app ads


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