So, why work with me?

Well, let’s talk facts. 


My content gets results. For example:

  • This post got over 2k shares on social media.
  • This post got over 3,110 shares on social media.
  • Each of my recent ghostwritten blog posts have received over 1.8k shares on social media within 48 hours of publication. 
  • Giac Capital featured me on their social media page.
Tacoma Freelance Writer




More About Me

My love of business started at the hardy age of 9.

I would spend my free time offering electronics repairs or coffee for $10 and $1, respectively. (Yes, I truly thought $10 was a lot. It was great.)


Fortunately for me, and for you, my marketing skills have improved quite a bit since then.


From the time I was twelve, I was mentored by one of the sharpest business women in San Diego County, and have over 10 years of sales and customer service experience.


I’ve worked for several businesses over the years, and I consistently outsold more products and services than my fellow associates – even with a speech impediment.


I understand what customers are looking for, what drives their brand loyalty, and what gets them to recommend a brand to others.


I still geek out about tech things (especially electronics, heavy machinery, and coatings), but I realize I could help even more businesses if I struck out on my own.


Now, I write B2B articles for trade publications and magazines. I write about digital and traditional marketing, as well as about other aspects of business operations. I also do social media updates, website content, blog posts, and other marketing collateral for B2B and tech companies.


. . . and I LOVE it.


When I’m not working on a writing/marketing project for a client, I tend to spend my time reading, shooting (at inanimate targets), playing video games, binge-watching old horror and sci-fi movies, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


Oh, and I’m a SoCal native who now lives in Tacoma, WA. (Go Seahawks!)


But, enough about me.


Let’s talk about you!


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