I’m the GEEKY COPYWRITER, and I offer kickass content that attracts, engages, and compels your readers to take action. I’m not your average ‘let’s just churn out whatever gets me paid’ type of writer. I can make even the most stressful deadline without you worrying about getting stuck paying for crappy content.


I will do the necessary research. I obsess over statistics and data, and love doing in-depth research.
I will ensure your content has a voice that stands out.
I will make sure you don’t get yawn-inducing content you’ve heard a million times.
I will make sure your site content, blogs, and other marketing materials are interesting, value-driven, and informative.


I don’t just stuff a bunch of keywords into a semi-readable post and call it a day. I have a deep and unwavering love for the Oxford comma. I understand the difference between affect/effect. I only deliver the highest quality work possible, making sure you have valuable content to offer your target audience.


Sound good?